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    Uhm yeah, so lately I have noticed that I'm not getting tired anymore.
    Some kind of Insomnia or something I guess. Besides the part where
    I can get my work done on time I really do feel bad in the morning
    and I only have about 7 hours of sleep everyday.

    In short I feel like shit in the morning but can't go to sleep in the evening.
    It is now 1:22 AM and I'm not tired at all. Anyone know a way for me to get tired in a NATURAL way


    I'mma play another video game or something I'm getting annoyed trying to fall asleep.

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    working out, doing yard work, etc has always made me naturally tired. Just do it like 2-3 hours before bed though not directly before, however thats worked for me before. Caffeine and low adrenaline levels don't affect me too badly.

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    Hmm, working in the yard at 1:40 AM isn't really a good plan, and since the yard is dad's territory I'd rather not touch a single leaf there. He's a bit possesive When I was little I couldn't even ride my bike around or anything.

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    What f2b said. If you're active during the day you'll be tired at the end of the night.

    Working out helps quite a bit.

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    I'd try to bring the 7 hours of sleep down to 6 hours, you will probably find it much easier to get up in the morning. The beneficial side effect to this is that you tend to also get tired earlier and will be able to get back to a normal bedtime.

    An observation I have made is that sleeping in intervals of 3 hours typically results in me being much better rested than +/- an hour from a multiple of 3. I think there are articles about sleep cycles to back this up but I haven't looked at them in a long time.

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    Hi. I've read that caffeine stays in your system for approx. 8 hours. Therefore, don't consume any caffeine within 8 hours of the time you would like to be able to go to bed. This has been helpful for me. Good luck. Insomnia is terrible.

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