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    Okay, simple idea that some will be familiar with from other forums - you review the last film you saw at the cinema, on DVD or television and...well, that's it really. Share your insights and critiques with the fine folk of ADISC. It's fun.

    Pineapple Express

    "Let's see Hellboy II," said I, "Guillermo del Toro is one of the most interesting directors out there at the moment, his visionary take on a slightly predictable superhero genre will no doubt be an entertaining romp at the very least."

    "Nay," said my friends, "let's watch some random stoner comedy with a guy who was in a film you've never heard of that doesn't sound very good. It will prove a more accessible piece to cater for our differing tastes as a group."

    Sadly, my persuasive skills failed me and, outnumbered three-to-one, I acquiesced and stumped up the cash to join them in watching Pineapple Express.

    I had modest expectations going in and they were pretty squarely met. A few well-crafted lines of dialogue drew chuckles out of me, the characterisation was adequate and the film struck it's tone well enough but the - now slightly cliched - motif of unlikely male friendship and camaraderie, while quite well-played, quickly began to grate and feel predictable. Most problematic was the awkward mish-mash of laid-back comedy and full-blow action extravaganza - it seemed to me that they wrote two-thirds of a decent script with a few funny lines, didn't know how to wrap it up as a convincing narrative and thought 'sod it, let's just stick a load of explosions in'.

    Not a terrible film and, as I said, there are some laughs in there, but certainly a rather forgettable and flawed one. The consensus as we left the cinema? "We should have seen Hellboy II."

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    Target already started a thread like this. But oh well... copypaste

    A Complete History of My Sexual Failures

    This film is a mostly a documentary with a great degree of comedy interwoven into it - at times feelings almost slap-stick. There are times, however, when it gets emotionally raw and becomes much more of a love/romance drama. One scene brought a tear to my eye.

    Plot Summary
    Chris Waitt, a 30-something man living in the UK, has never had a stable job in his life, has had many previous girlfriends, all of whom have dumped him and he feels his life is going into a downward spiral. He decides to revisit all of his previous girlfriends and interview them as to why they dumped him, what they found wrong about him and ask for ways to improve himself.

    Throughout the course of the film, there are many funny moments, including phones calls and interviews with his previous girlfriends, self-commentary by Chris on a given situation, plus the advice he gains from his mother. As the story progresses, we see Chris has more problems than the emotional baggage of having every girl who has ever been with him dump him.

    He struggles with a lack of sexual excitement and impotence, how - after taking the advice of previous girlfriends - he still can't seem to find the right girl, the possibility of being a homosexual and how even going through various therapies, doctors, drugs and even a BDSM House, he still is is a sexual failure.

    The story climaxes upon the realisation that the only girl he ever had a chance with, he blew it. He never took their relationship seriously, where she wanted to get married and start a family. His revelation is that this entire documentary film project was a cheesy, extravagant way to try and get back with this girl. This turns the film in much less a comedy and gives the film a more serious, heartbreaking tone to it. The film however, ends on two positives notes, so you don't leave the film on a downer.

    I saw this film only just the other night at a film festival and I can honestly way it worked it's way into my top films of all time. The mix of comedy and drama in a documentary style film doesn't give you a typical "hopeless romantic", Hugh Grant feel to it, and I'm sure that's not what the film director and star, Chris, wanted to be perceived as. This is real, with real emotions and feelings.

    Overall, the film never had any dull moments. Even in most of the dialogue-heavy scenes you were pulled in because every bit of information was either hilarious, or crucial to understanding Chris as a failed lover. I'd definitely recommend seeing it, purely for the fact that I'm sure at some point in everyone's life, they've been heartbroken.


    Bad Taste

    Director: Peter Jackson (Yes, the "Lord of the Rings" Peter Jackson)
    Year: 1987

    A comedy-horror flick. This is one of the true classics of the genre. It mixes in a nice amount of blood, guts and violence together with both witty and slapstick-esque comedy to amazing results. Along with the fact the entire cast have strong New Zealand accents, it's hard to place this film in any serious light, but that's not the purpose of it!

    Plot Summary
    Bad Taste takes place in a small New Zealand town named Kaihoro, where the entire population has seemingly disappeared. The Astro Investigation and Defence Service (AIDS) sends Derek, Frank, Ozzy and Barry, collectively known as "The Boys" to investigate. It soon becomes apparent that the entire town has been overrun by Aliens who have a shady plan of their own. In the midst of their investigation is Giles, a charity collector who has come to the town and is quickly thrown in the deep end and finds himself fleeing from the Aliens.

    Pressing on, Frank ambushes an alien and puts on it's clothes (keep in mind, the Aliens have taken over the human bodies, so they look like humans), at which point he infiltrates the alien hideout. The Boys, much to their own shock and horror, discover that the aliens are using humans as the source of their most popular menu item on their intergalactic restaurant chain. Frank also finds Giles in here, who obviously had been captured. Frank rescues Giles and allows him to join with The Boys for protection.

    As the plot progresses, The Boys attack the alien hideout with guns and chainsaws until they eventually find their way to the head alien, Lord Crumb. Derek stays in the hideout to battle whilst the rest of The Boys leave (using an RPG to take out a good portion of the hideout). The Boys and Giles escape, minus Derek who remains in the hideout, which also just happens to be a spaceship. As he's taken into outer space, he kills Lord Crumb and continues on to the alien home-planet to defeat the rest of them. The Boys and Giles drive off into the sunset.

    Well, what is there to say about this film!? It great for a laugh all the way through. The dialogue is great and witty, most scenes are gory (but in a comedic manner) and/or hilarious so there's never really a dull moment. It's over-the-top fakeness and blatant B-grade movie style just screams "Cult Movie". The cheesiness factor alone makes this film worthwhile to watch at least once in your life.

    There's so much I could say about this film, so I'll keep it simple: Just watch it. Get a few friends around, rent it out/download it, have a few drinks and just have a good time with it.

    This film could have possibly started the whole "Exploding Sheep" fad you might have seen in video-games before. In a later scene in the movie, a wayward RPG doesn't connect with it's intended target, but instead hits and subsequently explodes a sheep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    Target already started a thread like this. But oh well... copypaste
    Aye, I did see that when I searched before posting but I thought there was sufficient difference between the premise of recommending films you like and reviewing the last film you have seen to justify a new thread. I kind of thought this could be more of an on-going thing as well, but we'll see how it pans out.

    I haven't seen A Complete History of My Sexual Failures but I did see the guy it's about in a fun little independent short about a bloke who orders a cloning machine off ebay and makes a copy of himself in the expectation that it will do the stuff he doesn't like doing for himself but it gets rather out of hand with more and more clones being created as each has the same idea as the original. Can't think what it was called now but it was quite successful as a slightly absurd and quirky comedy.

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