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Thread: If all the world wore diapers...

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    Default If all the world wore diapers...

    What do you think that the world would be like if using a toilet was never considered a conventional method of 'relieving' oneself?

    If diapering was common since the beginning of recorded history. How do you think that would effect the psyche of the average person? People would obviously be more dependent on each other. Perhaps it would lead people to even show more kindness and compassion for each other.

    or not...

    Maybe it's a bit naive, but what are your thoughts?

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    Well, this website wouldn't have existed and I never would've found out I was transsexual. If that were the case, I'd be depressed for some unknown reason and probably be dead by my own hand.

    Let's just say, I'm glad diapers aren't the conventional way of living

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    I would never had been captured by my Q-tiepie and would never have known I had a sissie side and prolly have turned out a psychopath or something.
    BE GLAD that diapers aren't the conventional way of living, because the world has one less psychopath now

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    I don't think people would be more compassionate since wearing diapers would be the norm. Plus just as people can be in a hurry to use a restroom, they can be in a hurry to get changed.

    But in generally, I don't think a lot of people have much patience when it comes to every day socialite interactions. There's many reasons for this too, not just if you wear diapers or not.

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    Wearing diapers wouldn't be special, therefore, there probably wouldn't be much reason to care about the desire.

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    well i there is the problem of disposibles and how to dispose of them, now this is only a problem in a petrolium fuel economy where the plastic is non biodegradable and thus will never degrade naturally. however if the economy was insteady cannabis fueled the plastics would be bio degradable and thus no problem would exist, the diapers would also be fire resistant and a lot stronger. but on earth it seems like we always pick the wrong choice.

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    The price of diapers may be more competitive as a common product. As a speciality product we now pay a lot for these diapers. Diapers with a large selection would be available everywhere and you would find them laying out for everyone to see rather then hidden.

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    I've pondered this question before and while it would be a good idea in theory, in practice it wouldn't really work.

    It would create too much extra trash on the planet, especially considering how many people there are in the world, how many diapers per day there was and the time everything takes to break down (assuming we did use a biodegradable source like Sketchy said). I think we'd be overrun in a matter of weeks or even days XD

    That would make it so that kids from a very early age could focus on learning and education however, instead of the stress of becoming toilet-trained.

    Maybe the world would indeed become (if not nicer) a much more sophisticated place.

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    I think disposables would be relatively rare. Think about it, disposable clothing exists, but nearly everyone routinely uses reusable/washable clothing instead.

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    Bathrooms would be only existent as changing rooms, and if we used bio-diapers we could use sped up natural process to grade and use the bio gas generated which has similar thermal energy to natural gas, to create electricity. So sustainable yes less water use, less garage, cheaper fuel, like to be feasible implementation it is not.

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