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    Cool Global Music

    What's your favorite kind besides Western music?

    I like Middle Eastern, not to mention Caucasian*...

    *that does NOT mean white. It means,"pertaining to the Caucasus Mountains"

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    I don't really like the term 'global' or 'world' as that is a very western-centric label. I prefer to refer to each simply by their respective identity. but to list some of my favorites:

    Vietnamese traditional (đàn bầu, Xẩm, Hát chầu văn, Ḥ) Chinese traditional (LiuQin, Pipa, Yang-Qin, Guqin) Indian classical (Raga, Vedic Mantra, Carnatic, Hindustani) Tibetan chants, West & South African (Soukous, Zoblazo, Mbaquanga) Japanese traditional (Shomyo, Gagaku, Taiko, Samisen) Indonesian traditional (Gamelan, Angklung, Kolintang) Philippine traditional, Thai Classical (Piphat, Mahori) Thai traditional (Sueng, Saw duang, Ranat) Latin/Brazilian Jazz (Bossa Nova)

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    Can't tell you any specific music other than Deep Forest, which is basically Westernised World Music... but anyway!

    I'm very fond of Tuvan Throat Singing, the sounds of the Koto, field recordings and the steelpan (specifically the Hang Drum, even though it's a western variety).

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    I like Irish/Scottish music, like drinking songs and I actually rather enjoy bagpipes.
    I also enjoy songs played on the ocarina. I just like the way it sounds when someone really good plays it. I bought one with a zelda music booklet and it is awesome!!!

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    I listen to a lot of Jap. Rock (Asian kung fu generation, Sambomaster, ect.) I guess that has to be my favorite as I do not listen to much music that is not "western".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seamuis View Post
    I don't really like the term 'global' or 'world' as that is a very western-centric label. I prefer to refer to each simply by their respective identity.
    I don't like too either, I prefer to use the term as, anywhere where are currently not. So if you're not in the us, then American music would be considered global/world.

    As for me, I listen to just about any genre from any location, it just depends on the artist/song it's self, like rei harakami or nightwish.

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    I apologize for giving that label when I posted.

    ---------- Post added 25-02-2012 at 12:32 ---------- Previous post was 24-02-2012 at 15:07 ----------

    When it comes to songs, I like El 2ordon 3ali by Yahya Swais; Mawlay, E3talaina by Omar el-Abdallat; 6al el-Nashmi by Hussein el-Salman; Al Tivki, HaLayla Zeh HaZman, Inshallah by Gad Elbaz; Shma Yisrael, Lev Zahav by Sarit Hadad. All of these songs are from Israel and Jordan.

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