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Thread: Quick question about baby diapers?

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    Default Quick question about baby diapers?

    What's the largest baby diaper I would be able to find in stores? Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, Generic Brand? Size 6, 7? Which had the longest front/back? Stretchiest sides/tapes?


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    The best and largest and stretchiest are pampers and luvs
    I wear luvs size 7 and pampers size 7. I like really like Luvs because they hold alot,and are big and cheaper,and i also wear pampers because love their prints,and the pampers feel so good

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    Someone recently shared their research on a side-by-side comparison. What I understand they found out was the Pampers 7 and Pampers 6 sizes were very close to the same length. I did not know Luvs came in size 7. Has anyone measured the size 6 and size 7 Luvs?

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    I did not know that LUVS had a size 7 because I have never seen them. Check out my other posting because I stumbled across a bunch of vintage Pampers Baby-Dry size 6 that are bigger than the current LUVS and they have sides that are ay more stretchy. They are also plain white Pampers which is super rare.

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