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Thread: Thought I would give-in and try..

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    Smile Thought I would give-in and try..

    We all have feelings of uncertainty when we stumble upon something we were never quite sure of. So after feeling the want and temptations for a while I decided to order my first sissy/LG dress with matching rhumba panties I know it's not the best / most expensive but it's the first one so I will see how it goes. I am just happy I have a place officially to talk about it now
    On one foot I think this will be fun, on another I am worried I'll like it then it will be something more to add to my money spending along with my diaper habit. lol

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    If you've actually felt tempted, and you've order something, then you might get the feel for it.

    Gz, and you better start saving

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    Lol, thanks for the fair warning sissyme..

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    Ha AH! Welcome to the world that I enhabit.

    It's like trying to walk two roads at the same time (or three or four.) I've had to get a separate room for the 'other' me. Hopefully you won't have to go down that road too.
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    Oh my Knom i was looking at that same dress!!! And I know right how you feel lol my "indulgence" are getting up there to

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    Congratulations Knom! That's such a cute dress! My inner sissy is squealing with delight for you

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    Thank you so much everyone
    onikitsune: I pretty much do now. Only because our master bedroom is too small, when we moved in I said to the wife "you can have the closet here and your dresser, I'll take the next room" So I do have my own room with a dresser and a closet with clothes and nappies.

    LittleRobKY: Has you given in to your temptations yet ever? Or you still where I was a week ago with your figer hovering over the "buy" button?

    Adventurer: I think I am getting the same squeal .. I can feel it. Thanks for joining me .. I am sure if we were all in a big room right now we'd be jumping and squealing together!

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    I think as much as you try it, I mean you said its your firsttt right? I would try it, and see how it turns out. Happiness is bliss I think. Its only one more thing right Knom?

    just my two cents.


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    A good dress can make a great day, no one has ever said this about pants that I know of; anyway goodluck I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy my dresses and frillies.

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