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Thread: Just told my girlfriend

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    Default Just told my girlfriend

    I have been going out with my girlfriend for 4 years and told her just the 3 weeks ago that I'm a AB and was hiding this from her, I know I had to tell her and it took me a year of thinking about this! she was not happy at first until she ask the other night can she change me but cutting the story down, and after she had gone home, she sent me a message will not post all that was said, but I would like to shire you this part!

    I thank you for tonight. It was so nice to talk about your baby life. Thank you, You are the most dear and beloved boyfriend for me. You're the only one in the whole world and I am happy that I loved you so much For me you are the most beautiful, kind, understanding and caring.

    You're my big baby You are the most tender and gentle.

    I give you my heart. Gently hugs and kisses to you. Let my big baby sleep and let your dream good dreams. With love for you always your (Name)ХХХ

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    that's so great! It's nice to hear something like this turn out well for a change.

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    Words of caution though don't rush into it like I did haha she's finally started getting comfortable with me wearing around her again :P

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    ... That had me crying, it was so sweet.

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    Awe lucky, that would make me feel so giddy inside

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    Awe that was so sweet! Your so lucky man!

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    That's aweosme man good for you I just recently did the same!

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    Thank you it is a lot of weight and guilt of my mind now, as I didn't like to keep this from her! but she as accepted me for what I am so now I'm more happier in myself!

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    That is so amazing! I recently told my boyfriend that I have interest in this particular area and he was all for it! I am so happy for you!!!

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