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    I know its a little more sexual than most posts on here seem to be and if i'm breaking any rules i apologize in advance.

    To start off with, I'm a 19 year old gay university student who is generally happy with most things, i'm fairly skinny and though i dont work out or anything i wouldn't consider myself unfit by normal standards. I eat a bit of junk food from time to time but also eat just as much in vegetables and meats. I've also got no major health issues or illnesses that i know of.

    But for a little over the past year or so i've been having trouble getting as hard as i used to, up until about halfway through 2010 i was used to getting rock hard erections almost every time with occasional almost painfully hard ones, but since i started uni in 2011 i've had progressively weaker and weaker erections, and i often have the feeling of slight discomfort at the base of my penis (even when totally flacid that i occasionally felt in the past when i was slightly painfully hard.

    I went to the doctor about 9 months ago and had a full range of blood tests which all came back normal and she wasn't able to give me any answers as to what the problem is that's causing it. I'm not sure if its physical or psychological, though i'm more inclined to think its the latter since i haven't had a case of 'morning wood' since all of my issues started and during both masturbation and sex i only seem to be about half hard.

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    Any new medications? I used to be on clonidine, which would destroy my ability to get an erection until it cleared out of my system.

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    Nope, i haven't taken any medications in over 6 months and there hasn't been much change in the hardness (or lack thereof) between then and now :/

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    Could just be that you're sex drive is slowing down a bit for the time being. Or masturbating too much? I always found whenever I couldn't get hard it was either due to performance anxiety or just from thinking about it too much. The more you worry the worse it gets kinda deal.

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    Sounds like the stress of school is getting to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wazzle View Post
    Sounds like the stress of school is getting to you.
    This could be it, stress can lead to erectile dysfunction and not something you simply run a test for. You may be stressed about school and I'm guessing that this problem isn't exactly making anything easier for you, try and relax in general and try to stop thinking about not being able to get an erection and eventually things may return to normal because being impotent at such a young age seems rather rare.

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    I agree with the idea that the stress is getting to you. That fact that you're stressing over not getting an erection as well as you used to isn't helping your case either. Your mind is probably preoccupied with school which is in turn lowering your sex drive because you're diverting focus, and all in all you're totally stressing yourself out over it.

    But eliminating the junk food might help. Even if you don't eliminate it, just reduce it a bit and try to eat some healthy foods. I find that EVERYTHING in my body functions much better when I've been on a healthy diet.

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