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    I know a few people have said that they've received poor customer service from ABU but I wanted to mention a recent experience I had with them.

    About a month or so ago I had ordered a case of Super Dry Kids from ABU and of course I opened them and starting using them. Half way through the case I noticed that about 3 of the the diapers were ripped. In fact the rips were so severe not even tape would've fixed them.

    So I contacted ABU to make sure they were aware so it wouldn't happen to anyone else. I certainly didn't expect ABU to replace them but that is exactly what they did. In fact not only did they replace the 3 diapers that were ripped, they replaced the whole 10 pack. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised by this and really had to mention it.

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    While I've never had to deal with ABU customer service per se, I've ordered from them many times, and I've never had an issue with an order. I'm not sure if their customer service has improved from what it used to be or there were just some people who've had unfortunate luck dealing with them, but I've never had any complaints.

    Glad to hear that your experience with their customer service was good. Hopefully this is how they operate all the time now.

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    I think when ABU first came about their customer service from what I've read wasn't all that great. Every company needs to start somewhere and it's good to know they were willing to fix what was wrong. I ordered a 10 pack of Cushies from them and they came in the mail pretty quick. I'll be ordering from them again in the future.

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    My experience has always been fast and friendly service. I have ordered on line and talked to them numberous times. Its excellent for me.

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