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Thread: Looking for song inspiration.

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    Default Looking for song inspiration.

    I am sick and have nothing better to do, so does anyone have any ideas for song inspiration. (You need to have inspiration, trust me).

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    What I do is I randomly tap out rhythms on a piano, music composing software, or other instrument until I find one I like. Then, I use styles from music I enjoy and combine said rhythms into a song.

    Free music composing software (it's open source, and not illegal or pirated):
    Sheet music sharing |

    Free recording software:
    Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

    When you come up with a good idea, make sure to play or hum the rhythm and record it, so that you don't forget the rhythm later.

    Also, listening to music can give you ideas, but make sure not to plagiarize, unless you intend to make a parody or arrangement of it.

    For example, The Andrews Sisters were caught up in a famous lawsuit a while ago, when they directly copied the song "Rum and Coca-Cola" from two lesser-known Trinidadian artists, Lord Invader and Lionel Belasco, and made it famous in the United States. During the lawsuit, Lord and Belasco did not win full rights to the song, but did receive $150,000 dollars in royalties.

    Lord Invader/Lionel Belasco Version:
    Andrews Sisters Version:
    Moral of the story: Don't plagiarize!

    Hope this helps, and I wish the best of luck to a fellow musician and songwriter,

    ~ BandNerd
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    I woke up one morning, feeling so sick I thought I was dead (Oh yes I did)
    I felt sick in my stomach and I felt sick in my head (Oh yeah)
    So I rolled over on my pillow, and I threw up all over the bed
    (You did, I know you did. You hear that? I heard that)

    I turned round to my wife, and I threw up all over her (Why you do that?!)
    I threw up on the cat, and I threw up on the baby's chair (All over the chair)
    Now five years I've been travellin', and I've thrown up everywhere!

    I've thrown up in California, thrown up in Timbuktu
    Now come on over here baby and I'll throw up over you!
    Throw it up, throw it up, up up [blech], throw it up, throw it up, up up [bleah]
    Oh Lord I'm tellin' you, I got those sick man blues
    (I'll tell you a little bit more now)

    Well I've thrown up over Indians, I've thrown up over Jews
    I've even thrown up on my blue suede shoes
    Throw it up, throw it up, up up [blech], throw it up, throw it up, up up [bleah]
    Oh Lord I'm tellin' you, I got those sick man blue … ooooooh … [bleah … bleah … bleah!]
    (Better out than in, man!)

    courtesy of The Goodies.

    write about something you know; it doesn't have to be literal, it could be a surreal or comical take on your reality. like:
    my girlfriend, she makes me fart. i wished i loved her with my heart. but she's so tasty and sweetly smelly, i only love her with my she goes and out she comes, when she cries i get the runs. oh belly, belly, belly-love! belly, belly, belly-love!
    as punky as that was, it's easily adpatable to other musical styles.

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    now, i've also been thinking 'bout writing a song,
    but every time i try, it comes out wrong.
    i tried a little line 'bout 'making you mine',
    but all that i wrote was 'kippers in brine'.
    in case you've not sussed it or in case you've missed,
    my 'Loving You' became 'Shopping List':

    half a pound of carrots, a packet o'spuds,
    impulse buy: some stretchy gruds,
    a big jar o'coffee and tot-tots, too,
    and a brand new lace for my worn-out shoe.

    walking 'bout the shop with a wobbly wheel,
    down the baby-aisle and there i squeal,
    for new-style Drynites are 2 for 1
    (thought about home, where i've got none).

    so, i grabbed 2 packs and off i went,
    thinking, "bloody ticky pull! i've over-spent!"
    yep, love is like shopping and please, don't scoff,
    for the best i'm gonna get is a sound BOGOF!

    ten minutes 'work', this afternoon after dropping off mum at Morrisons.

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    I needed inspiration for an album a few months ago, so I just moved to LA and lived on a friends couch for a little while. I got plenty inspired. Other than that I always get inspired musically just by listening to some of the bands I enjoy. Lyrically, I just focus on whats been going on in my life.

    What kind of music are you trying to write?

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    Lyrics, or the musical portion of the song?

    For me, I'll usually be just wanking random shit across the fretboard, but when I come up with something that I really like the sound of, I'll fetch a recorder and record that one riff, and it becomes what I call a "floating" riff. Over time, I'll come up with more and more floating riffs, and eventually I take similar sounding riffs in the same tunings, and blend them together to make one big song altogether, and then I'll record it. I've done this with about every song I've written. Here's an example (my bands first demo track, instrumental only, rather rough mix; don't let the dumb name fool you, it's serious I swear): Codename: "Ass Inserta" *SERIOUS TRACK!!!* by Ian_the_Fox -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    If you have a recording device or free recording software (Audacity works but Reaper is much better) with any mic, simply record yourself whenever you are just doing senseless wanking, and later play it back and pick out any riffs that stand out that you might want to keep. Eventually, piece them together and have a song!

    Hope this helped.

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