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    As money is getting tighter and inflation is on the way up what is the most cost effective diaper? For me I think the Abena M4 is best for night as I can wear them into the morning until the diaper is really soaked. During the day the Tranquility ATN seems to be excellent if I can find them at a low price.
    I will add booster pads if necessary to stretch the diaper time and also add plastic pants to protect against leaks. Does everyone wet and fill their diaper to the max?

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    I don't think I have ever found what I would consider a 'cost effective' diaper. at least not to my standards of cost effective. but as a 24/7 wearer, I have certainly tried. I don't have any issues with night wetting, so I don't really need a higher absorbency diaper at night to combat that, and as an active person, who drinks a lot of water and is always in diapers, a larger, thicker diapers is almost never a really good option. for my personal everyday choices, I have for now decided that the Abena Delta Form M3 is really the best bang for my buck so to speak in terms of performance vs price. I don't have any issues in carrying spare diapers with me and changing often i public places is also no issue, so the lower capacity of the diaper, lower price and larger count per package is to my bank account an all around excellent deal. but I'm always on the hunt for something better. I just recently tried the 'wellness briefs' but wasn't throughly satisfied.

    yes, actually I often fill my diaper to the 'max' or at least the max that is really doable for someone who is doing more than just sitting at home, laying in bed or something like that. a lot of sitting down, standing up, walking, etc. lots of opportunities for leaks. but thats why I like the delta form's because their absorbency isn't so high that I am ever wasting a diaper but wearing it out before its used properly. but then I guess as a 24/7 wearer my needs are a bit different than the typical DL or AB.

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    I'd say the ATNs, sometimes I think they hold more than the latest M-4s and the dont "press out" or leak when you sit up in bed. Still thougt that and though they cost a lot more there are things that make me like M-4s soo much.

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    Go to WAL*MART and try their assurance brand. It's a reasonable diaper as far as the mass market ones goes. If it works for you, then hop over to Sam's Club and you can get the same diaper in a case for $20 or so.

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    If you can get Tena Ultra, they are about 1$ per diaper and far superior to most brand sold in the US.
    These are my everyday use diaper.

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    Last week while in Sam's they only carried the pull up underwear. There was a time when they had a case of plastic back tapes for $20.00 and now it is only the cloth that do not work well for me.

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