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    Has anyone soaked their diaper with sweat? It has happened to me after a workout when the diaper was thin. Could the solution be more power and lotion? It is not cost effective for me just to wear a M4 during a workout.

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    I think wearing a diaper during heavy physical activity or labour will always make your skin sweaty. The thicker the diaper, the worse it would get. With possible chaffing as consequence
    I would suggest working out in light clothing, showering afterwards and the a fresh diaper to finish it of.

    I also do find it tempting to wear a diaper during training or so. But I know myself, after some time I would get annoyed by the fit of the diaper.

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    I don't think I would ever wear one while working out, and as an otherwise 24/7 wearer, its the only time I'm not wearing one. I don't think more powder would be a good thing. in fact I don't think powder at all is a good thing in such a situation. the sweat will just cause the powder to clump up, get clogged in your pores and likely lead to diaper rash much faster. the only real solution would be to wear a thinner lighter diaper to avoid more excess sweat, but since you already mention soaking a thinner diaper, I'm not sure what else to suggest. I would say try an 'cloth like' diaper, but I think that would actually cause more chafing than a plastic diaper, even if it does breathe better.

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    I would think this would impair my ability to complete my workout. Whenever I go to the gym, everything I do is extremely intense, and I rarely stop for a rest between sets. I also participate in a killer cross-fit exercise one day a week, in which the diaper would literally fall off from moving so quickly between stations.

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    Hehe, here's my chance to jump in and scream: "Cloth backed disposables are awesome if you're doing any physical activity." I know it doesn't make much sense, because cloth backs actually still have a thin sheet of plastic underneath that weird cloth-y material stuff. But, they are honestly keep you a lot cooler down there, and while even doing a work-out you might still sweat some. It shouldn't be as bad as with a plastic backed diaper.

    That's all in my experience anyway, others might have completely different stories and experiences!

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    No, as someone pointed out to me when I said something like that, most cloth backed don't have a plastic layer. Some such as good nights do but most and especially the ones which are advertised as breathable don't. The cloth backing is hydrophobic meaning that it doesn't allow water to pass through but it will allow small amounts of air through, hence the cooling effect.

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    Not even working out. It was extremely warm in Mass last year and we actually hit a record one hundred degrees at one point. And a few times while wearing, all I was doing was walking to the college and back and I was soaked in sweat. The diaper would have been useless if I had peed in it.

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