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Thread: What you do in your diapers

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    Default What you do in your diapers

    I was wondering what things you do in your diapers, whether you go to work, the store, etc. [removed]
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    I regard my diapers as underware, normal daily activities are the rule, work, shopping etc

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    I rarely go out though I have gotten take out, gased the car and shopped at the grocerie store in them. Mostley I hang out at home inside unless it's warm and I can lounge on my deck.

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    read, laugh, cry, watch tv, shop, drive, go to movies, make speeches, climb trees, play on swing sets, talk to strangers, sleep, drink, mow my lawn, contemplate, retaliate, reverberate, shake shake shake. That about covers it.

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    Video Games. Read. watch movies.

    About it

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    I wumbo. Wumboing. He, she, me, wuuumbooooo. o 3 o

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    1. Numero uno.
    2. Numero dos.
    3. Numero tres...?
    4. Put them on.
    5. Take them off.
    6. Wear under clothes.
    7. Wear over clothes.
    8. Visit "".
    9. Click on the "Diaper Talk" section.
    10. Click on the thread titled "What you do in your diapers".
    11. Scroll down to see my post.
    12. Break the fourth wall.
    13. Break the fifth wall...?
    14. Watch this cool video.
    15. ?????
    16. Profit!

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    Go to the store, visit my twin sister , talk on the phone , play video games, cook, clean, help son with homework, drive the car, thats pretty much it .

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