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Thread: Making/Molding bigger pacifier shields

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    Red face Making/Molding bigger pacifier shields

    Okay, So I'm a pretty crafty girl, and I know how to use resin to make the shapes that I want. I got my nuk 5 a little while ago, and while the nipple was more comfy in my mouth, the shield was small, and plain. I wanted to see if I could mod it, but it's impossible to take apart.

    I was wondering if any of you out there knew of a pacifier that was easy to take apart/put back together, that I could base my mold designs off of? (I'd have to make a silicone mold each part individually, to make lots of them, since I like variety) The pacifiers themselves don't have to have a big nipple (though it would be a plus, because I wouldn't have to buy nuk 5's just to take them apart) they just have to be simple.

    If it works, I'll make a tutorial on how to make your own bigger customized shields.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    Well, I do know there are tutorials out there that show you how to make your own nipple out of latex. So maybe check that out and then just make your own shield?

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    get yourself some polymer clay and mold you a shield to your liking so you can make a cast of it then you can use it to make a resin cast. if you need more help on the proper way to cast something like that you can look on youtube you'll need one to cover the front and back of the cast.

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    Ah, I know how to cast resin, but see, the way the button fits into the shield, and holds the nipple in place is a little complicated. That's mostly my problem.

    I more need to know how the parts look, and connect with each other, than how the outside looks. I know that already. :3

    oh, and do you have a link to any of those tutorials, Monkeegurl? That'd be greatly appreciated.

    But thank you for your answers!

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    I wonder about the toxicity of these materials. Would it be safe to have them this close to your mouth, even hardened?

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    The resin I use is okay to use with kids, and is non-toxic, once it's dry. :3

    It also comes in clear, and opaque, for really cool designs.

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    as far as nips seperate from the paci's medicl catalgs carry them for cheap, a nuk 5 is a cleft pallet nip for a baby and can be ordered as such cheaply. shields home vacuum forming polycarbonite or abs is pretty easy I can give you a tutorial if you like.

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    From my field of work is tool and die and if resin works and it not toxi that's the way to go but you may find it not up to standard when it dries depending on the mold and type of resin used and you shouldn't sand it to make it smoother that will be a large mess and probly not good if it's finer embedded you should try liquid plastic or formed acrylic or plexiglass type were it can be heated and formed into a radius from sheet and nipple with a binder

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    if you google it, there are places that sell bigger pacis with a nuk 5 nipple and bigger sheild

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