View Poll Results: Do you like nappy rash?

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  • Yes, to some extent. It makes me feel little or naughty.

    9 9.57%
  • I like *getting* a rash, but not *having* one. When it gets too much I want it to stop immediately!

    6 6.38%
  • I like *treating* the rash, rubbing in cream, but not the rash itself -- that's a necessary evil!

    3 3.19%
  • I like the *idea* of nappy rash, but in reality it's too unpleasant

    10 10.64%
  • I'm not keen on nappy rash. I try to avoid it, but it doesn't bother me if I get one.

    12 12.77%
  • I *hate* nappy rash. If I could make my skin rash-proof I would!

    54 57.45%
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Thread: Does anyone like getting nappy rash?!

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    Question Does anyone like getting nappy rash?!

    Okay... Please don't hate me for asking this... I'm pretty sure I can guess most people's response to this question anyway, but I was curious... Does anyone like getting nappy rash?

    I hardly ever get a rash even after sleeping in a nappy that has been... er... used "to the max"... So I guess that getting a rash isn't such a big deal for me as for other people, as mine heals so quickly.

    Anyway, a couple of times when I've woken up and stayed in my nappy for a few hours, I can feel my bottom stinging a bit with the start of nappy rash. It feels a little bit sore at first, then every now and then you feel a stinging sensation.

    It just reminds me of feeling childish, and (maybe) I like the submissive feeling of being "forced" to wear nappies... Some people might feel little if they were spanked -- the mild pain is a reminder of their submissive state and the fact that someone else is in control. To me, getting nappy rash is the same kind of thing. It's like an extra punishment for being immature...

    I've even forced myself to stay in my nappy for an extra 30 minutes or so after the discomfort gets "too much" pretending that I've just got to wait patiently to be changed, or imagining that I'm asking my (imaginary) caretaker to change me

    I never used to wear nappies regularly, so in the past, if I got a rash, I'd just have a shower/bath and go back to normal underwear and the rash would clear long before I put another nappy on.

    But as I'm wearing a lot at the moment, after I got out of the bath and allowed the air to circulate for a few hours, I used some nappy rash cream (Bepanthen) and I felt so little laying on my back rubbing soothing cream into my rash... (You all think I'm crazy, right?)

    I don't know... I don't usually like things that hurt/itch... and I'd want the rash to clear up quickly... I only like it as a temporary reminder of my babyishness... but... well...

    Am I the only one who likes getting nappy rash? Even just a little bit?

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    No, I don't like it. Then again over the years I've gotten way too many, enough that right now I have elephant's skin and it's hard to bother it. But I guess that's what you get having toileting problems growing up.

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    I am yet to get one! But I'll respond when I do

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    Quote Originally Posted by InternetKillTV View Post
    I am yet to get one! But I'll respond when I do
    Cool - thanks! Even if you don't like it... You will be forever remembered for your important contributions to scientific research!

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    I wear a nappy every night and sometimes 24/7. I HATE getting a nappy rash, but I do LOVE nappyrash cream and rubbing it on to sore areas. No one that I have forced to wear a nappy 24/7 (while they visit) has had a rash either, but I have applied the said cream to their sensitive parts to avoid the said problem.

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    I can't imagine liking diaper rash and I'd hate to get one. I've never had a rash even when I've stayed in a wet/messy nappy for a while so it's not been an issue.

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    I remember getting it when I was in pull-ups when I was young. Never was keen to get it again.

    That said, shaving down there feels sort of like having a freaking rash.

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    Never had one and hopefully never will, as someone who has sensitive skin due to dermatographism I get enough rashes in one day to know they are not pleasant and having one that will last longer than an hour is not something I would like to deal with. When I was about 12 I got a horrible rash on my thighs which did a fair bit of damage and was horrific to get rid off and would never like to experience anything like that again.

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    There is not a choice for me on the poll. It is something i would kinda lie to experience once. But i think i am incapable of getting it. I must have some tough skin. I have actually tried to get a rash before and stayed in a diaper long past when it should have been changed, but i just dont think i CAN get diaper rash. *shrugs.

    I am sure i would not enjoy it. But it is something i want to experience.

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    Diaper rash is a joy that I have yet to experience…

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