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    I bought my first diapers today! Unfortunately I misread the package of depends underwear with adjustable tabs and thought I bought real diapers, but I didn't they kinda suck. I AM however glad that i had the guts to do this My question for all of you is what brand can i find in a drug store that I can put on nice and snug and just go when I need to without worrying about leaks, because the depends leak A LOT. I want something that feels like a real diaper and gets put on like a real diaper.

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    Your retail options aren't so good. Depends has a real diaper product, although it is still fairly light use. Look for Depends Fitted Maximum Protection or Depends Protection with Tabs (as near as I can tell they're the same thing). These have a white plastic outer shell with three tapes to a side. If absorbancy is a concern, get yourself some pads to use as a stuffer or double them up. The best diapers are going to be found on the Internet, with occasionally good ones (Molicare) available in specialty pharmacies.

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