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Thread: TF2 / CS:S Tag Pic

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    Question TF2 / CS:S Tag Pic

    Just wondering if anyone has some creative spray/tag pics? I am captivated by the occasional interesting pic I see sprayed during the game and sometimes looking at it gets me shot .. lol .. So I thought I would ask what yours is if you care to post it.
    Mine is my avitar
    LOL Sometimes I wonder if anyone even knows what it means.. I spray it all the time and have never gotten a "Hey man!" or anything.
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    I have never actually used tags. But it is a good idea with the ABDL symbol, maybe I will start.

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    people still use those? ha, I remember playing HL, TF classic, DoD, Firearms, CS and spraying my clan tag everywhere. its amazing to me that people still play those. I remember when HL multiplayer first went online. now those were the days! I used to make a lot of tags for friends, but I don't think I have any on my hard drive anymore. there used to be whole websites devoted to downloading spray tags.

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    Yup, and not only do people still use it, but all the fun is still there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knom View Post
    Yup, and not only do people still use it, but all the fun is still there.
    oh I'm sure it is still fun, but I haven't played it in along while, so I had no idea that the use of 'spray tags' was still available. how little it has changed since 1998! still waiting to play HL3, but I haven't played any of the online multiplayer games in several years. I quit playing after tournament play in CS became too serious for my enjoyment. scrimmage matching against team3D (the early 1.6 team 3D) all the time and worrying about tournaments just took all the fun out of it. I still have my original Won ID number around somewhere. you and I are similar age, so you must surely remember when half-life was introduced. did you ever play HL death match? I always went by the name Tom Sawyer (oddly most players had no clue what that was other than the ones who know the rush song)

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    That I do! I still remember fooling around with such mods as Action! Quake, and some of the original CS Beta as well as playing both HL and Quake MP and then sitting around with friends discussing which is better. LOL When having 200-300ms Ping lag was AWESOME! Now crying when we get over 60.. I mostly went by the name SatanMonk then.. but as for the Tourney's I never got into them.. I just enjoyed playing and anyone with good ping and a lucky shot was a hacker.. lol

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    Hahaha, wow, this brings back some memories... I still remember downloading all of the Doom total conversion packages off of Quakenet, playing around with DeHacked, etc. back in the day... playing Duke Nukem 3D on, then it was Quake 2 multiplayer... and hating still being on dial-up. Yep, those were the days.

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    oh yes, how many times did I kick some ass on my 56k modem and get called a hacker by some snot nosed kid who was lucky enough to have DSL but couldn't snipe worth a crap, and then losing my connection when someone kept trying to call while I was gaming and having to sit impatiently and listen to that god forsaken modem dial up. then having to try and get back in the server, waiting for the connection, only to have the server full. those were the days indeed. brings back the memories of many days spent in front of the PC wearing out my mouse, and saving up for a better graphics card, but still keeping the settings on the lowest to have the best possible frame rates. ha. I use dot be a real jerk of a sniper in DoD. I remember when some of the first alpha's hit and I played the omaha beach map for hours on end. to many hours on cs_assault listening for people dropping into the vent, only to get killed by a wall hacker or a stray bullet. too many hours spent in general.

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    In a game of TF2 prophunt (kinda like hide and seek) I saw someones spray and it matched up with their avatar. It was a baby/diaperfur spray.

    Tried inviting him to Adisc but he declined. I also littary ran into a Adisc mod with a car once, in a video game. Me and him got into the same match on Burnout Paradise on the PC.

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    So am I to take it that no one on here Plays TF2 or CS:S and has any unique sprays? Bummer

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