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    Default Kendall Lille grey

    Has anyone tried this before? And how is it? Like the absorbency? Is it Very crinkly? Fitting?
    Advise pkease

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    I don't remember what the colour code is but Lille makes some good diapers. They come is a few absorbancy levels and the maximum absorbancy ones are pretty good. They used to be plastic backed but they switched to cloth like. If you are lucky you might get some old plastic stock.

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    They are good. Even the orange (day absorbancy) is good.

    They can be purchased in speciallity store in Canada.

    Note that they are now have a cloth like outercover.

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    Seeing as your from Singapore i dont know what shops will ship over there but iv never bought kendalls online im lucky enough to have a shop that sells them local however online you could try dorset nursing supplys or incontinance choice , kendall lillie maxis "were great" when they were plastic thay were fantasic then they change to fabric which still is good but not like they used to be they still do absorbe a fair bit i was quite suprised but you may want to wear plastic pants over the top just to stop the moisture seeping through onto your clothes - hope this helped

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    It is my understsnding that the Lille Classic Fit are still plastic backed and it is the Supreme Fit that is cloth. I hope so as I am thinking of trying the Classic; they look great. Can anyone confirm?

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