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    Greetings, scholars. At around 10:20 PM I felt a disturbance in the force. I mulled around a bit and discovered this:

    Amazing. I read his name,"cheekychap" then looked at where he was from, the UK. Everything seemed to make sense. Then I looked at his sexuality, and he wasn't gay. How could someone that British not be gay? Could such a universal law be compromised? Was it a time paradox created by the super hadron collider? Or some sort of large dimensional rift that tore the very fabric of reality? I've amassed the scientific community of the forum to solve the mystery. While I meditate with my amazing ninja mind, I'll laugh at your pitiful attempts to solve the metaphysical phenomenon. Get to work, ADISC.

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    How quizzical...

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    Hey, I know some people in real life who you would swear and gay... until you meet their girlfriend.

    Besides, I quite like that name, rolls off the tongue and makes me smile

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    Quote Originally Posted by andysetra View Post

    Besides, I quite like that name, rolls off the tongue and makes me smile

    the plot thickens...

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    Oh no! I've been discovered! To the setramobile!

    ..yeah I dunno why I checked both... but I did, and I refuse to uncheck one.

    EDIT: I couldn't have been viewing a less creepy thread when you took that screenshot..?

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