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Thread: gotta love craigslist

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    Default gotta love craigslist

    i ran out of diapers a few weeks ago, and didn't have enough to buy a case online. well, with no job and a low income parent, getting money is hard for me. well, i got a card for valentines day from my gma (i know, lame huh) with 10 bucks in it, but it still wasn't enough for a pack of depends from the local store.

    so i decided to search on craigslist. the best deal i could really find was a case of 60 XL (a size too big) for $20, but still, i didn't have $20 only ten. so i searched a few days later, and came across an ad for a pack of Tenas for $4, last pack they had. well, i gave her a call, and she told me the tenas were still available, and asked me if i was interested in any of her other ads (a few packs of dignity, and other cheap brands etc) i told her not really, but she said come take a look and we could negotiate. so igot her address and planned to meet her in 30 minutes.

    once there, i saw the few stacks of diapers in her garage (which was open) and went and knocked on her door. she came out and showed me the rest. i told her, all i had was $10 and im just looking for something to suppliment until the next shipment came in (she thinks they were for a family member). well, she asked me what size i wanted, told her large, and she showed me her stack of large supplies.

    i asked her if i could possible get 3 packs for 10, since she was asking $4 each on craigslist, but then she told me, you can have all the large for $10, i just want them out and would love to help a person out. i was so excited. i thanked her many many times haha, and she got a box so i could put them in my car.

    when i got home i counted what i got.
    1 pack of tenas, 12 in the bag - cloth like but comfortable and noise-less, easily worn around family.
    4 packs of dignity briefs, 12 in each bag - plastic shell, pretty noisy, but they actually hold a fair amount.
    2 packs of some no name briefs, 20 in each pack - plastic, peach color, hold a decent amount (more than depends, a little less than ATN's)
    2 packs of some other no name briefs, 16 in each pack - plastic, but they're small on me, so not size large, don't even think they're mediums. i just cut off all the wings and use them as stuffers, which work great.
    2 packs of bed protectors - once again, i can use them as stuffers or i can even pin them like cloth diapers and they work good, really noisy though and stick over my pants quite a bit.
    4 packs of wipes - good for cleanup.

    so i got 132 diapers for $10, just because some lady wanted to be nice and make someone's day.

    they may not hold as much as a bambino or dry247 like im used to, but last night i had the house to myself and oh boy did i splurge - put a tena on, cut holes in it. cut the wings off a dignity, cut it in half, cut holes in it, stuffed it in the middle to front of the diaper. then took a peach color one, taped it on normally to hold it in place. then took two of the small ones, cut wings off, cut holes in them, and put them on, then i finally took a dignity and wrapped it all up.

    the end result was amazing it was sooo bulky, made we waddle unlike any other diaper, absorbed sooo much, and made me feel so awesome. and i can do that over and over again, and not feel like i'm wasting diapers because i got so many for so cheap. honestly, i couldn't come close to filling it with pee over the few hours i had it on, so i decided to put multiple mason jars full of warm water into it so see how much it bulked up. most fun i've had in a diaper in a while.

    i suggest you guys check on craigslist, never know when you're going to get a bitchin deal!

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    Wow, you got the luck of the draw on that one. Congrats on an awesome find.

    I love generous people, that's all the reason I try to be generous to others in return.

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    exactly. that deed of generosity has led me to being more generous lately too. gotta love how it works

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    Default Now that's the way to do it!

    Quote Originally Posted by melancollie View Post

    Wow! Excellent Job, melancollie!

    I've been preaching this for years on ADISC. If you have a good alibi (Need them for a family member) or otherwise have gotten past the embarrassment level of meeting an individual face to face; the rewards of shoping/searching thrift stores and craigslist avenues can yield adult diaper gold!

    I would even suggest that you go one step further. I keep an address/phone list of those I've purchased adult diapers from (especially if they have a large quantity and I have only bought a small amount). Later (when I have extra cash) i make some contacts by phone and often yield equal or even greater deals. Several times they have asked me to come and pick up their entire inventory, either for free or for a ridiculously low cost. Remember boosters can be modified from virtually any absorbent incontinence product!

    Info from earlier posts:

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    WOW freaking rsome deal wish i got a deal like that, that's so cool! man

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    The best deal I ever found was $4.00 per bag. The diapers were cloth and I did not like them. So I sold them again on Craig's list for $3.00 a bag. You did great!

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    before I took my incontinence to doctors I searched for diapers on Craigslist. I've rarely paid for them from there. People with incontinent children who are bigger will end up with a stockpile and just try and get rid of the stuff. I once got 3 cases for free and the woman still will sometimes check in on me to make sure I'm still well stocked.

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    I had a similar situation years ago.

    Drove 30+ minutes out of town to meet with a CL seller trying to get rid of Molicares- which were far too small for her daughter. I told them they were for my elderly grandmother, and said she'd be staying with us permanently. I got to her house, and we had a quick chat first with the mother and father. Talked about how people on CL will try and haggle too much, this and that- they were very friendly and I didn't mind talking for a bit after that long drive.

    Next came the purchase. They were selling $35 a case, and opened one of the boxes to show me them. I hid my excitement, said everything looked fine, and asked her for 5 dollars in change- since I had $40. The husband looked at me, as did the wife.. assuming I was going to buy all three of the cases. I laughed, saying I didn't bring that much. Then they asked if I could use three cases. I hid even more excitement and came out with an "I assume so?".

    He looked at her, and she said 'Well, we honestly have had these sitting here for awhile... if they're going to a good home- you can take them all." I again mentioned I didn't have any more cash on me, and they said it was no big deal. I gave them the 40, and he helped load 3 huge boxes of diapers into my tiny compact car. The cases ended up lasting me about 5-6 months. Best score I think you could ever get for diapers on Craigslist.

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    There's alot of that going on in my neck of the woods too. If I had known then I would have cashed on that dollar a pack clearance sale a few years ago just to see what I could have made afterwards. I'm beginning to wonder just what the market is for adult diapers that it's worth buying so many and then trying to sell them on craigslist.

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    I wasn't exactly getting Molicare, but 3 cases of Attends for free once, also 3 cases of Tena Ultra...still the most discrete and comfortable for my needs for free once. Like I said earlier I've had really good luck finding diapers for cheap/free. This was of course before I finally got my supplies paid for. so..

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