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Thread: Requested... Sims 2 TB items.

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    Default Requested... Sims 2 TB items.

    Well, just for the few of you who asked me:

    Went on an install and buying spree today. Because I wanted to get back into modding.

    It will take sometime tho, I haven't touched C++, my 3-D and image mapping programs in quite sometime.

    But, while I'm here, what would you like to see? Outside of cribs, and what not.

    I will do some simple stuff like, switching "Instant Meal" cans to the in game baby bottle, Re-meshing the adult beds into the baby crib, defiantly will make sleepers.
    So, post your Ideas... Ill tell you if I can do it.

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    If you could also find a way to swich the way an adult move to the way a baby moves, that would be pretty neat. I've seen the inverse done with cheats.

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    Wow...I am in awe at your expansion collection...I don't have as many :P

    I would be interested in adult/teen footed pj's and paci's ... that would be sweet.

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    I need the sims 2 now... Wheres my music/game downloader when I need it? lol

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    I just have Sims 2, why waste that much money on a game i'll play for half and hour and then quit because I beat it?


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    Quote Originally Posted by weswissa View Post
    I just have Sims 2, why waste that much money on a game i'll play for half and hour and then quit because I beat it?

    Beat it? You don't beat a sim game. You may achieve levels, but I've never considered a sim game "finished". That's why I like sim games (simcity4, sims2, etc..) so much... because your creativity is the limit to how long the game will last you.

    For the record, this is the only game that I've consistently played since I bought it.

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    It's an on / off game. There's only so many times you can start parties and have them descend into brawls because someone flirts with someone they shouldn't.

    Play it constantly for a few weeks then every now and then until a new expansion comes out, rinse and repeat.

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    Okay I have just started work on clearly the most wanted thing... Sleepers.
    I am making sleepers for ADULTS right now.
    What kind of designs would you like to see?

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