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    I am currently taking Vesicare, I started off on 5mg and have just started on 10mg. It has not helped with my bedwetting, I still wet every night. However it has helped during the day. I am going less often and until today have not had a day time accident in nearly a week. Today I had my first cup of coffee with caffeine in it, and within an hour I had an accident in my pants. Luckily I am still wearing protection during the day. I will make sure to keep away from caffeine.

    Does anyone else have any experience of this drug?

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    i was on it for awhile, but I built up an immunity to it. Did your doctor not tell you that caffeine is a big no-no with it? When I was put on it, my doctor told me no less than three times before I left his office

    For me, it was about the same though, once I got the caffeine out of my diet. Helped during the day, but not at night. Eventually that had to put on a different med at night, although for the life of me I can't remember what it was now.

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    I was at a relatives house and drunk it without thinking. At home and work I am decaff only now, and much less than before. I must take more care in future.

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    I do not know about that drug, but I did get desmopressin tablets from my doctor a few years ago. It did help a little but it made me have wetting problems during the day, my kidneys went into flood mode and I had to use the toilet very often untill the meds wore off.

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    I use it on occasion. I can only handle using it for a couple days in a row. Side effects are just too harsh to use it every day. Even when you don't like diapers, they're better than being unable to take a crap for a week. lol.

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    Agree - if any drug really does make management of the condition easier it is worth taking, but if it just makes things less predictable or you have side effects you have to ask yourself "is it worth it? There are lots of accounts across the net of drug failure - it would be really encouraging if folks could post experiences of being really helped by medication.

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    These drugs just do not work for me either. The cost per pill is usually very high. I was put on 3 that cost $8.00 per pill and the side effects were not good. It was always dry mouth and a wet diaper for me.

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