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    I was looking around the net last night and found a review for attends m10...Are these available in the US?

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    Yeah they're available in the U.S. That's actually the brand I bought last time. I got them at a local pharmacy. Never seen them carried by a major retailer though, so if this is the brand you want you'll have to do the same (or order online). I still like Depend's plastic backed better, personally.

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    Sorry I should have been more informative...What I'm looking for is called Attends active slip. They are look kinda like the Tena flex....

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    No, Attends S,M or L 10's are not available in the US unless they are imported in or bought off Ebay. I have a few left from a pack i received from Germany a couple years ago and they are ok, but nothing to write home about.

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    Just checked some of their prices and they are high. If you order from them do your comparison shopping first.

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    I think the USA version of 10's is very different to the European ones.

    I love the European speclal care 10's myself, although they have an odd cut.

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    Well then...Are the Tena stretch essentially the same thing?Looks pretty close...Are the tenas any good otherwise? Four tape diapers don't fit me correctly and the only diapers I've found to fit good are ABU two tape diapers,and Kendall simplicity crap:/ Seems like my incon is getting worse with time so I need a descrete quality product more than ever.....Thanx for all the help

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