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Thread: goodnites bed mats

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    Default goodnites bed mats

    I was at walgreen up in nh and saw that thay hads somthing new goodnite bed mats thay are 2.7 feet by 2.9 feet 9 come in a bag for 8.99. Thay have a sticky thing on each corrner to keep the mat on the bed. I will get somw pics in a few day.

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    I use the UK version of these and can say they are really good at catching the leaks when I wet at night. Having said that, they are an absolute compete ripoff and not worth the purchase, save for the nostalgia of them saying "Goodnights"...

    Many companies produce equally or even better bed mats, including those with SAP and with wings to tuck into the mattress, for far cheaper a price. The ones I bought in London were 7 for a pack of 8... The Attends bed mats, which are a lot more absorbent, were 10 for a pack of 30... Pampers has a similar product with similar outrageous pricing.

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    What city in nh, I live in nh and would love to get my hands on them! Pm or put into thread please =)

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    I got them in walpole nh right by the vt border there is allso a couple dicount stores that way

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    A bit far for me, I will check the ones near me first to see if they have them and keep an eye out for them. Thanks for letting me know

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    I only bought them when they were on offer and because my old plastic sheet had holes in it, I didn't leak much to be honest. Then I got a new plastic sheet but I met a babyfur so I'm using the rest as changing mats so they don't go to waste *Giggles*.

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    I have been looking for goodnites bed mats for months. Last fall I found a video which was a presentation about goodnites will seen be introducing them and how it will affect the market yada yada yada. I have pampers and drynites bed mats which I bought from england and am so exited that they are coming to the US.

    Keep us posted on what you think. What are they like? How well do they work? Do they have any prints on the backsheet? Thanks so much for posting.

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    Sorry to anyone who likes or wants these but they just sound so sad as its an anti-diaper product.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmon6969 View Post
    do you have the link to the video
    The video got taken down. I posted it on adisc a while back

    It wasn't an ad or anything the public was supposed to see; it was some guy who was proud of his tech skills in making the presentation and showing off. The intended audiance was shareholders or certain level employees at KC. The video talked about goodnites share of the market (virtual monopoly) and rather than taking on those last few users of underjams or store brand goodnites, KC wanted to expand into the market of bedwetters which don't like wearing pull ups -thus they might prefer a bed mat.

    Not sure what the packaging is of the bed mats, but in the video made it look like they were going to recycle the packaging of goodnites boxers. Is this true cmon6969?

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