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Thread: Ipod friendly Websites?

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    Default Ipod friendly Websites?

    What are the best video and picture websites that i can access through my ipod? Most websites dont work on my ipod.

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    You've probably not loaded something which you need to run these programs onto your Ipod. My wife gets all sorts of things on her's.

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    Which websites are you trying to get to? I think iPods can't use flash (mine doesn't at least) so that might be the main source of your problems.

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    Flash is or will be coming to iOS it seems. There was a time when Abode seemingly hated apple and refused to have flash support on iOS.

    Anyways I don't go to any diaper video sites myself since their all disingenuous to a rather high degree.

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    This all depends what "sites" you are talking about. If you are talking about diaper sites, I won't be one to help you out there. It also can depend on what version of iOS you are running and possible the generation you have. 2nd gen iPod touches have a really small amount of RAM and probably couldn't handle integrated videos but I could be very wrong. Some "sites" have converted from flash to the MPEG format for certain mobile users on say, iPads, iPhones and iPod touches, so they can join the party of compatible devices. Most sites that are compatible with iOS devices will usually tell you that if you are on a mobile device, you can click here to view the mobile version or something. If you are looking at pictures, iOS devices can handle almost any image format.


    It wasn't Adobe. Adobe was pleading with Apple to allow them to port it over. Apple didn't want it for the same reason they don't want people jailbreaking their devices. Security. Basically anyone can write a flash app and throw it onto the internet and anyone with access could view it. If someone wrote some sort of an exploit in flash that could get into your system, steal data, whatever, that could severely screw you over, and Apple isn't looking to screw you over, they want their devices to work properly and not have security exploits. The last thing we need is stolen data from our phones X_X.

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