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Thread: What pleasure's you the most ;)

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    Default What pleasure's you the most ;)

    You know what realy pleasure's me, Eating a big bowl of french vanilla ice cream While chatting it up on Adisc

    Lol, this is a strictly non sexual topic just saying in case you lil pervys wanted to post something disgusting not to offend your natural nature

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    Something that nobody admits to but that I freakin love is, like, when someone plays with your hair, or gives you a massage or just touches you when you're receptive to it. It feels like a bucket of milk and sand gets poured into your skin and flows through your veins and muscles in a good way. They're calling it ASMR right now but I don't think it's a scientifically-recognized thing. Feels great man.

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    Omg i think ik what you mean, when someone touches you its like a tingling feeling making you jump, its as if im alergic to guys+girls cus when any touch me i freak out so much

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    I like the burning sensation in your arms that you get after doing a whole bunch of push-ups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrlova View Post
    I like the burning sensation in your arms that you get after doing a whole bunch of push-ups.
    Woo yea pushups bro i can pop 200 non stop x.x so hard to get further then that, but thats going with speed on cadence i can do about 60 XD

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    For me, I simply love staying late at night up to the point were everyone's asleep and find myself in the almost absolute darkness. These moments are the most relaxing for me.

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    I like eating chocolate chip mint ice cream at night. I love staying up late and watching a scary movie, I guess because I did it as a kid. I love the ocean, and I love to sail.

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