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Thread: Cute or Absorbant?

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    Default Cute or Absorbant?

    When buying diapers, what do you look for most? I'm a fan of cute diapers, but absorbency would be nice, too. Aren't Bellissimos absorbent? I know they're cute. :P

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    How about a combination that is both cute and absorbant. There are a lot of choices described on this board.

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    Cuteness is a bigger factor for me. I usually only wet mine twice at the very most, and almost any diaper will hold two of my wettings. I've heard that Bellissimos are a good mix between absorbency and cuteness.

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    Hi Fayte. Personally I only really have DL tendencies, and therefore cuteness is of less importance. But that is just me.
    I look for absorbency, and do prefer if the diaper is white. Perhaps as it shows wetness best? Most important for me in the product selection process is the construction.. It MUST have plastic outer - not interested in these "cotton-feel" diapers.
    I would say the Bambino Bellissimo's you mention are nice and absorbent, and reliable. Some people are not as keen on the sizing of these versus other Bambinos, if I remember correctly, but my regular size was fine on me.


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    Absorbent, no doubt. You'll get more bang for your buck out of them. But it's all personal preference, y'know?

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    Hi Fayte!!!!

    I'm caught in the middle, because what I've found is there's not really a cute & absorbent diaper that I've found. (Please PM me if you know otherwise please please) I both enjoy the AB & the DL part of diapers, I like an absorbent diaper because I don't have a lot of money to spend on them and I like a cute diaper because that helps get my DL side churning. So i'll just straddle the fence till I can one day find a nice place to sit!!!

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    I like to buy absorbent rather than cute. I seem to leak with cute ones and it's a lot of effort to clean it up.

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    if you want both absorbant and cute then try bambinos or cuddlz diapers. imo i like a pure white plastic backed diaper

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brickhouse View Post
    I've heard that Bellissimos are a good mix between absorbency and cuteness.
    Sweet, I'll have to check them out ^_^

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    I would go with absorbancy, mainly because from what I know, the most absorbent brands of diapers are much thicker than other brands. If I would double up with some of the thicker ones during my "little time" they'd feel much cuter than they look~

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