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Thread: Did somebody call for a doctor?

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    Heyy my name is Dr Diaper Crinkle, you can call me doc for short ^_^, I'm 17 years young and I'm a DL. I am kinda new to this fetish (its been a year) but for the longest time I've been just a guest viewing posts and such...but yeahhh a little about me, I currently have a job at CVS. My hobbies are yoga, running, and volleyball. mmk a little about my fetish, I sometimes wear in public, but mostly at home, i only wear disposable (abriforms most of the time) ... ok one trend i have noticed in the abdl communities online is that males are mostly dominant but lately i have noticed more in more females contributing this fetish, that being said, has convinced me to become a part to this online community...hopefully their are some other girls here that have the same fetish (no offense guys) i just still kinda feel left out thats all....but yeah thats about it, if you wanna ask anything about me, feel free to ask!

    Oh btw, I plan on submitting some of my stories soon so get pumped
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    Welcome to the Site Don't worry there a couple of girl on here who are dl as well

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    Heya! Welcome to adisc I think you'll be able to find some other females on here, and you should have no problem making friends, everyone's really friendly. Enjoy!, and I look forward to your stories.

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    Thank goodness we have a doctor :O...What does DFW stand for for your location

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    hey, what's up Doc???

    I've not actually visited any other DL forums, but here it's mostly male members. With that said though, the number of female members has gone up a lot - or maybe that's just me realising that I haven't actually met everyone on the forums yet... hmmm...

    But yeah, it's great to have you on the forums, doctor Diaper Crinkle (well thought of btw, likin' it a lot!) I sure hope you enjoy it here as much as I do.

    There's a bit of banter in every thread - well... at least when I'm around so don't feel shy about posting. We're pretty open to new ideas / suggestions / opinions / etc etc...

    That's bout it. Oh yeah, if you haven't already, and if you're looking to chat with the majority of regular users, try out the IRC chat

    So, um... aye. Welcome to the forums,


    ps - forgive my Britishness, but what's CVS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dash View Post
    ps - forgive my Britishness, but what's CVS?
    its a pharmacy/ convenience store

    butt uh yeah there are not many girls here *looks around* well im not really a DL at all more TB but for emotional satisfaction for my sanity

    anyways welcome to ADISC enjoy yourself here and hope to see you posting around

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Thank goodness we have a doctor :O...What does DFW stand for for your location
    DFW stands for Dallas-Fort Worth area

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    Wow, me and Rainbow live near there, one state up.

    Nice to meet you =P

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    woa Dallas yay another Texan ^^
    Riding out the hurricane? or are you guys not in a danger zone?

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