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Thread: Anyone else ride Motorcycles?

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    Default Anyone else ride Motorcycles?

    If so what do you ride?
    What kind of gear do you use?
    Any bad habits? (EX. Lane splitting)
    How often do you ride?

    Ride: 09 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

    Gear: Scorpion red/white textile jacket with matching gloves and helmet with armored pants

    Bad Habits: Umm LOL

    How often? Not enough

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    Sadly a motorcycle would not be practical for me but I would love a ninja. Japanese bikes are far superior to american.

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    Ride: '11 skyteam v raptor 125 (cheap Van Van), next bike is gonna be a Suzuki V Strom DL650 (can't pull the cutch on many bikes after a nasty racing fall)

    Gear: Arai Lid (won't use anthing else), frank thomas touring textile jacket, kevlar gloves, oxtar racing boots and ether kevlar jeans (in summer) or leather pants (in winter/rain)

    Bad Habits: filtering

    How often? nearly every day

    good advice: alway assume anthing other than dry, warm tarmac is trying to kill you , all cars are driven by pychopaths and all pedestrians are sociopaths who want to commit suidice under you and you should be fine.

    oh and always do a 'lifesaver'

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    I agree! People just dont watch out for us. Damn cagers lol

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    Right now I own a '99 Ninja ZX9R, but I'm trying to sell it to pick up an '06 Honda CRF450R dirt bike that a friend of mine is selling so I can get back to motocross. I sold my old CRF450R to get the Ninja last year and found out that I missed racing too much and I can't really afford to keep too many toys around right now. Next street bike will be a liter bike, probably a CBR1000RR.

    Gear: For the street, I have an Arai Quantum F Okada (pic here), Speed & Strength Jacket, and Firstgear gloves. Planning on picking up A* gloves and boots when I get my next sport bike. For dirt, I have a Troy Lee Designs Air Medusa (pic here), Oakley Crowbar goggles, MSR jersey/pants, Deft Family gloves, A* Tech 7 boots, Leatt neck brace, and EVS knee guards.

    Bad Habits: Seeing how many gears I can keep the front tire off the ground through and taking curves at triple-digits. I found out that I pretty much had to to keep up with my buddy's 10R. Luckily, he and I spent most of our time on back country roads with good pavement but very little traffic.

    How often: My Ninja was my commuter to work during the summer time, so I put at least 70 miles a day on it from July through October. As for dirt riding, most of the guys I used to race with have moved away, so unfortunately I'll have to settle for just racing on weekends.
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    Ride: Was A 73 Honda SL350 but sold for a bigger bike however that never happen

    Gear: Just A Leather Jacket that a friend gave me its super comfy!!

    Bad Habits: Mostly speeding Sure there are others as i am still inexperienced

    How often? None at all I need to get another bike. Any suggestions?

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    I ride a Kawasaki Versys 07 (check my profile pic)
    I think it is in the Ninja family?

    Gear : EVO gore tex jacket and pants (with removable insulation), kevlar reinforced gloves, Lindstrands boots

    Bad habits? Many Lane zigzaging, speeding, over taking on the wrong side etc

    I ride almost every day (weather permitting), comuting to work.
    I hate winters when I have to use my Volvo

    I drive more miles on my bike than my car

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    I agree winters do suck you should check out heated gear at motorcycle superstore i dont have any but i heard theyre awesome

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    Ride: 2012 Yamaha R1 and a 99 Honda 929RR both jet black

    Gear: Scorpion jet black helmet, textile jacket with lv.3 armor and heavy duty Camel backpack with matching gloves and a pair of custom armored pants

    Bad Habits: likes to ride willies in between cars when they slow me down and other reckless stuff

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    Don't get to ride any more. Used to go out 3 or 4 times a week with my ex-husband. He bought a 1976 Kawasaki KZ650 in the winter of 1995 with all original chrome (the dual pipes were hung over a rafter in a barn...the rest of the bike was in pieces in the barn), a horrible paint job (black metal flake), and a completely seized engine. The following summer we were riding it...engine ticking like a top, paint job restored to 'oriignal' (Kawi red with gold pin-striping) and chrome polished. We even joined a club which we rode with nearly every weekend (weather permitting).
    I honestly can't remember the make of my helmet, but it was full-face, and we both wore leather jackets, gloves & boots...occasionally leather chaps, too.
    Bad habits? I guess encouraging him to race with some kids on their sport bikes is probably the worst thing I did. LOL
    I do miss riding. He still has the bike. My younger daughter had some of her grad/prom pics taken on the bike! hehehe

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