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    This time of the year is the usual tax return season. A friend of our showed us their XBox 360 kinect. My wife and I liked it! So, My wife and I have decided to set aside a small portion of our tax return and buy an XBox 360 Kinect. I am looking forward to getting it. It's been a while since I've bought a gaming console, so my questions is:

    What are some good games to check out for the XBox 360 kinect? I have always been a fan of Command and Conquer Red Alert. I saw they have theat available for purchase/download from online. But other than this game, what others would you guys recommend checking out?

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    I haven't played them but Fruit Ninja and The Gunstringer look really fun.

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    Dance central is probably the best game out there. It works better than any dance game I've played on other platforms, and got me up and moving like DDR never could. The music selection is pretty alright too

    Fruit Ninja is the most fun for the money, the vs mode is pretty awesome, it's the first full contact video game I've played. Not because it encourages it directly, but I will beat the crap out of you in real life to get the white fruit as it crosses your side of the screen, so help me.

    Child of Eden is a pretty interesting experience. To be honest you will be more successful if you use the controller rather than the motion controls, but I still preferred the experience of using the motion controls.

    The gunstringer is novel and interesting, not my style though to be honest.

    If you happen to have kids, Kinectamals is alright, but the exposition and explanations of all the rulest and stuff takes longer than the attention span of any child who would eventually enjoy the game itself. Kids seem to like the disneyland adventures stuff more. I think kids will like double fine's happy action theater the most though, it's simple but effective fun, won't hold an adult's attention for long though.

    There's a decent number of titles that use just the voice part of kinect (honestly I think that's the most practical part of the interface), Mass Effect 3 uses it a fair amount, the new Halo remake has some kinect voice commands.

    For Kinect only I would consider:
    Dance central
    Fruit Ninja
    Kinect Adventures

    For 360 in general, there's a ton of decent games but I'd need to know what sort of games you like to play. If you like RTS games a console really isn't the best place to be looking for that sort of experience. The best RTS I've played on the 360 was halo wars. I'm a huge fan of the Assassin's Creed series and the Mass Effect series if you're looking for something more actiony or RPG-y. The nice thing about both series' I mentioned above is that they have a real cinematic quality and are almost as fun to watch as they are to play, so spectators aren't bored while playing. Making decisions in Mass Effect can be a social decision too

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