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Thread: Lucky 7 Request

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    Default Lucky 7 Request

    Hihi all,

    well I've been thinking about doing this here to kick off my favorite month, March. It's green time ^^ So what I have goin' on is a Lucky 7 Request.
    The title says it all. I will draw 7 individuals, separately, that's St. Patrick's Day themed in some fashion.

    Like the pic below:

    OK, with that said, the rules to get this are quite simple. And MUST be followed exactly. Here they are:

    - 1st (7) seven to respond/reply

    - give me a description and/or reference pic

    - what kind of St. Patrick's Day outfit you want to wear

    The 7 will be posted in my Art Thread where I always post. So good luck to all who reads this and takes part ^^

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    Hey! Thanks so much for being so generous I would love for my fursona to be drawn. I'm a white dragon, with dark red hair and hazel eyes. My profile pic is it, pretty much. I know that you usually do babyfur art though, and I'm not babyish in any way. Is that okay?

    As for the clothes, I don't really care. Maybe just a green shirt and pants, thats what I would probably do in real life ^.^

    Thanks in advance if you choose to draw me!!

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    Second I guess.


    Outfit: no real preference. Green is my fav colour, so go all out O.o

    Super nice of you of doing requests like that

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    ref Temujin Rain Refrence by Temujin_Rain -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    outfit : blue overalls and a green tee shirt

    also with the thanks for doing this sorta thing

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    Ref: Tygon's Train by Tygon_Cub -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    Outfit: a kilt of whatever cute pattern you can think of that involves green... maybe black/green plaid if that kind of pattern isn't too much of a bugger. Doesn't matter if a diaper is visible or not, whatever looks best. And maybe incorporate clovers somewhere.

    Thank you for doing this

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    Am I 7th? HOT DAMN! I don't have a reference, but I can get you one...

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    I'll send you a message with a picture, if that's okay?

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    aww I just missed out
    I would be a St Benard puppy in St. Patricks day diaper and tshirt

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    Aww, shoot. It would've been awesome to have the first drawing of Elum be a Tavi, oh well.

    Gotta pay better attention to the forum, I guess

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