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Thread: A little automotive help?

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    Default A little automotive help?

    Well, once again I come to my ADISC family for some possible help because aside from the diapers, collectively you guys have talent and know-how,,,and you rock, lol.

    I've done lots of different repair and maintenance work on my own vehicles over the years. Recently I did a brake job on my Grand Prix (easy job). Replaced the read shocks (another easy job). Next weekend I need to replace all four ball joints on my 96 GMC Jimmy. I know I am going to have to take apart a lot of stuff just to get to the ball joints. I have a pretty good idea of what I am getting myself into, but there's that 'first timers doubt' when you're about to work on something you've not done before.

    My question is: Can anyone provide a link to, or copy & paste a URL to any webpages that might help me prepare for this upcoming project? Preferably anything that would have illustrations included.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

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    a quick search on youtube and I found this vid How To Install Replace Front Lower Ball Joint Part 1 Chevy GMC S-10 S15 - - YouTube,
    How To Install Replace Part 2 Front Lower Ball Joint Chevy GMC S-10 S15 - YouTube,
    and as a side note I just replaced a front ball joint on my 86 VW Jetta in under an hour, but I had an impact wrench.
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    I've replaced ball joints on an older 89 Pontiac Sunbird I had. But the front end of a 4x4 is more complex than the front end of a smaller car. That's why I was asking. Thanks Blacksmith

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