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Thread: What situations make it more likely for you to pee yourself?

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    Default What situations make it more likely for you to pee yourself?

    I find that they are certain times when I am more likely to wet. Firstly I pee my bed every night and always wear diapers now. During the day I find that when I am near flowing liquid that can trigger wetting, watering the garden, filling the car with fuel, filling the kettle, walking by a stream. It doesn't always happen, but I think the risk is higher. I also sometimes have problems when needing to wait in line. I have not peed myself in the car, but often do it when i'm getting out of the car an before I get to a toilet, perhaps it is to do with sitting down. What situations cause you to have more accidents?

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    All of the above! I spent years trying to figure this one out - but it seems to me that in my case while all of these "situational" things are relevant factors there are times when it just happens without any obvious trigger factor. With regard to not peeing in the car I reckon being in a fairly hunched sitting position aides control - but standing up alters things physically and perhaps psychologically because most males are conditioned to stand before peeing and your brain might be thinking "At last he's going to take a leak" and reduces control/

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    When ever my body feels cold it just wants to pee the diaper. The feeling is always having to go.

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    I have all of the same triggers that Jamie and dayandnight list, plus anytime I stand up after sitting of lying down for some time, my bladder will almost always empty itself. So unless I'm at home and able to make it to the bathroom in 30 seconds or less, I wear a diaper. That means I'm basically diapered 24/7/365.

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    I only tend to have problems over night, but, I can relate how running water can bring on a need to pee. If my bladder is full and I laugh very hard that can lead to a puddle. Long drives in a car is difficult too, I always wear a nappy then.

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    At night, only, unless I have one of those weeks where I've gone almost 24/7 save school and completely forget that I'm not wearing :c

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    Yup! Running water/ fluid of any kind will do it for me. I wear 24/7 for that reason.

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    I find that riding in a car vibrates me to want to go... and then sometimes when I am holding it to make it home, the anticipation of getting to the toilet gets to me about the front door. Almost always when I have to go bad, I feel the warm run down my leg as I am putting the keys in the doorknob.

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    Drinking, running water, car journeys and night time for me

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    Any time I really get cold I pee. When I hear the sounds of water running that is also another trigger.

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