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    Hello Im BabyCynth
    No Cynth is not short for Cynthia or any other thing its Just a Name I Picked out because I Like that name I Am a fast Typer and Great at Playing Video Games

    I Also Like Roleplaying In the #adisc-rp

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    Hi wellcome, glad to see a fellow video gamer lol what games do you play? ;D

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    Minecraft, Pokemon, Mario, Old SNES Games on emulator etc

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    Nice, ever try Byond, its simmilar to minecraft, just more 2d gaming, an it's were u can make ur own platforms legally unlike runescape private server's its anime base+classic base, its rather fun i havent played in near 3 years but when i did it was rsome it helps you learn to code etc You might like it, an its good if your looking for a job choice irl, requireing coding, you can make tons of money lol, but you can just check there games out too owners are nice on it theres about 1million owner's becasue of how many diffrent games that were made by others i dont think you have to buy a membership but if you do its cheap "Member ship only to own games etc otherwise u can play free on all" An it lasts forever

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    RSOME! how long, did you like there anime collection, i thought it was pretty sick, i was a owner on a few of them, then i just all of a sudden quit over boredom lol. ;D

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    Hi BabyCynth!

    Its great to have another Kiwi member here on ADISC!
    I know you said you type fast! How many words a minute can you type?

    And just to be funny, um, how many words a minute can you text? LOL

    Have fun checking out the whole ADISC site, I'm sure you will learn a lot and you'll make lots and lots of chill friends from all over!


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