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    Hihi, well the month of March is coming up. And one of my fave Fur Cons is coming up, being FWA - Furry Weekend Atlanta. It's always been a fun con to go to. There are always babyfurs and lilfurs, both returning attendees and first timers, coming there to meet up and do what they can to have a cubby good time in any manner. Always excited about meeting anyone that goes there. ^^

    Of course, I'll be there, roaming about the hotel and being the social nut that I am. I always love to say hello to anyone I come across. Ozzie Skunk will being there as well. Hehe, yeah, munk is there then skunk is somewhere nearby or vice versa.

    Where I can be found, when sitting still, LOL, is mainly in the Artist's Alley or Dealer's Den. OK, in a cubroom too. That don't mean I'm not in motion. ^^

    OK, so just curious of who all will be, or hoping to be there?

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    I go every year, first time to this con with my suit (megaplex was my first con with my suit) If ya want to know how to spot me send me a private message and ill explain. Honestly I feel a bit nervous about letting my littlefur side be known because of a heated exchange last year at the con with well someone in need of a change on an elevator. I was not in a good mood and was intoxicated at the time. This person made an off comment and I got loud and rude.

    My apologies to that person again if they ever come across this.

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    Wont be going this year because i went FC, But FWA is a blast, if your thinking of going you really should it lots of fun. Going to try to go next year for sure. (curse this island)

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