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Thread: Get togethers at cons

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    Default Get togethers at cons

    So well, while I am not new to the (what ever you wish to call it ) scene online I have not really made many littlefur acquaintances outside of a few friends I met at a con.

    I'm going to the Atlanta con this year and I have been wondering just how one goes about meeting others in the subgroup and how to get invited to and attend get togethers at cons?

    Though being honest I do try to keep it separate from my known persona mainly to avoid irritating questions and assumptions.

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    Well I go to FWA, all the time and usually one of the best ways to meet other lilfurs and babyfurs is by going to the game rooms, dealers' den/ artist alley, or in the lobby area. One quick is to look at one's badge.

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    Keep a eye out on here too, normally just before a con starts there will be other cubs saying they are going, then just keep a eye out for them at the con and introduce yourself. You can also join, there are groups on there for cons to meet up as well.

    There used to be a site that tracked cub hubs but i dont think thats been running for a while.

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    I really want to go to confuzzled but my parents wont let me, I just don't get what they find so disturbing about a teenager who dresses up like a tiger when nobody's around? well, I don't even have an actual fursuit so I'm gonna beg for one for my birthday because I just really want something more to express my inner tiger

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    Awww, you poor thing *hugs tight* Confuzzled is gurrrrrreat. I am pleased to live a few junctions up the M1 from the next one. I am pleased that my parents are okay with me, and my Tiger fursuit. But I am a mature adult, living on my own helps too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matlat90210 View Post
    is anyone going to antro con in Pittsburgh pa
    Every year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by matlat90210 View Post
    is anyone going to antro con in Pittsburgh pa
    I wish I wish I wish!!!! perhaps in a year or two I can save up enough money to go. Living across the country kinda puts a damper on being able to go to AC :/

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    Well who ever is going to ac they will be in my back yard sort to speak we can hang out at the con I do not have a fur suit how can I find u and introduce myself btw it is going to be my first con

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    I will definitely be going to Anthrocon again. I will have at least one fursuit there; I may have my dragon suit by then, too! -dances excitedly-

    Interestingly enough, both of my parents support me being a fur; my mother helped me sew extra leg fur to my suit, and my dad saw me walk the fursuit parade at FF, and even hung out with us after. I'm glad to have them in my life.

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