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    I'm looking to buy a baby bottle and I was considering this one. My question is, would this nipple fit on it? If not could somebody help me find a fast/variable flow nipple that would fit that bottle? Thanks in advanced.

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    I never used either of those. But this week I bought fast flow latex nipples for my drop-in playtex bottle. I'm actually liking it a lot better then the slow nipple it came with years ago.

    However it still takes a while in comparison with drinking like normal. Though I suppose that can make you drink less, just like eating shell-on pistacho's can make you eat less and feel fuller.

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    I'm not sure if an Avent one would fit. I used a Playtex nipple on a Gerber bottle before, and it worked...sort of. The Playtex nipple collapsed far easier than the original Gerber nipple.

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    I don't think it would, I have an Avent bottle and the base of the nipple is fairly wide, and looks as though it would be too big to fit in that bottle.

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    Mmk, so what I'm getting here is that I probably want to stay with something like this from the same brand/bottle type(first essentials). That sound right?

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    It has been my experience that bottle makers tend to make their bottles & nipples just a tiny bit different from their competition. Different brands might fit...but the chances are it won't be a perfect fit.'d be better off getting a Gerber nipple for a Gerber bottle.

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