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Thread: DL since I can remember

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    We are glad to have you here! Welcome

    Most of us here have some sort of affection for diapers.
    In this thread it is customary to write a bit about yourself so we can get to know you better.
    All I could glean from your "about me" page was that you like mountain bikes.

    I also like bikes, although the motorized kind
    I love my Kawasaki!

    Any other hobbies you have?
    For me, I love reading fantasy books and playing computer games.
    (proper geek I am :P )

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    hi earlystart!

    Welcome to ADISC!

    just curious, how long have you been into *BDL?

    (me, since i was 11)

    have fun checking out the whole site!

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    Welcome., why don't you tell us a little something more about yourself?
    For instance, I like watching horror movies (I do watch other genres of course), and reading horror, science fiction & fantasy.
    I'm also a mom...and...dare I admit it...a grandma!
    Annnnd I like board games, some video games (mostly just Diablo, Diablo II and I'm waiting impatiently for Diablo III), word games, card games, annnnnnd Mahjongg!!
    So...what about you?

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