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Thread: Raised in disposables but live in cloth?

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    Question Raised in disposables but live in cloth?

    I don't know that this merits a separate thread. Preferences for cloth/disposable is a perennial topic here, most recently in

    Dogboy, in suggests that one's preference depends mostly on what one was raised in, which makes sense to me. (Patterning, as they said in Intro Psych.)

    I think most cloth wearers wear disposables on occasion for convenience or due to practical constraints. (That includes me.) And I imagine there are likely to be those raised in cloth who primarily wear disposables now for similar reasons.

    I'm wondering if there are those among us who were raised in disposables who now primarily, or even occasionally wear cloth. Or, perhaps those raised in cloth who prefer disposables because of look or feel.

    Keeping in mind that these aren't political parties, I'm wondering how/why those transitions are made.

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    Raised with cloth but strongly prefer disposables for most use. I do have a selection of cloth diapers and I like plastic pants but they don't generally compare with disposables (sometimes I do feel like a change of pace). I think my initial interest wasn't so much a fixation on the infantile as a look and feel fixation and I have no memories of wearing diapers of any kind in infancy, so I think what I came across was more important than what I wore.

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    I was raised in cloth, and I really enjoy cloth. That said, I can really enjoy a good disposable, too.

    My first "real" diaper the second time around was a Kendall (Rite-Aid branded) disposable in the late '90s. Growing up in the late '80s and the '90s, I had been bombarded with commercials for disposables. The idea that disposables were normal diapers was well-ingrained by then, and I actually had no idea I was raised in cloth until just a few years ago when I finally pulled out old photo albums to find out. When I tried that first diaper, it was magic, and I never tried cloth at all for years. Although I had been curious for some time before that, it wasn't until 2004/2005 when I was out on my own with my own place that I finally got some cloth diapers.

    It took me a few tries to get them pinned well, but once I did, it was unlike anything I could have ever imagined. They felt... right. Proper. The answer to a question I didn't know I had asked and the fulfillment of a desire I didn't know I had. Like I said earlier, I can enjoy both cloth and disposable. I definitely have a preference for cloth, but I think both are legitimate options.

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    I always had disposables for my diapers. I was born at the time when Pampers disposable diapers were making it big on the scene in the late 60'5 and early 70's, together with a lot of new 'convenience' items for parents: disposable bottles, jars of pre-made baby food, etc. My mother was easily hooked on the 'convenience' aspect of disposable diapers, especially when it took as long as it did to get me out of diapers (kindergarten for daytime, somewhere around 9-10 for every night). Even when I was 16 and was having a long bout of bedwetting, we went with disposables for me.

    Now I use disposables during the day for both convenience and discretion, and cloth for nighttime for absorbency and cost-savings. I figure that when my wife and I switched my night diaper use to cloth two years ago, we paid $300-400 for diapers, plastic pants, etc. I calculated out that I would have spent over $600 in disposables just for my night diapers per year.

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    I don't think I ever wore disposables as a baby but always wondered what it would be like to wear them until I got the opportunity! I do have a couple of terry/cloth nappies but generally stick to disposables, I like the feel and absorbency of them and they fit into an adult lifestyle better (must have been really hard for incontinent people before disposable adult nappies etc. were around).

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    I wore cloth diapers from age 0 to about 13 (the same ones), then wore mostly disposables until I joined ADISC and was reminded that adult-sized cloth diapers existed. I'd say I'm about 50/50 cloth/disposables now.

    I think my interest in disposables started out as a classic case of "you want what you can't have." Though I loved my old cloth diapers (and still do--I actually have several of them!), the diaper ads I saw between Saturday morning cartoons were all for Pampers and Huggies. So, naturally, I was interested in trying them. Pampers barely fit me when I finally got them, but they seemed so wonderful, as much because they were unknown to me as because they were diapers. I think that really imprinted on me, because I never lost my affinity for baby disposables, particularly Pampers.

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    I'm almost 70 years old. Thus, I was "raised" in cloth. I became incontinent at age 14. I wore cloth until the 1980's when disposables for adults became reliable enough to make the switchover. I'm intersted in advanced technology of many types and try to keep abreast of technical improvements in many fields, including the diapers that I wear on a daily basis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cottontail View Post
    I wore cloth diapers from age 0 to about 13 (the same ones)
    Have you been in diapers your entire life, Cottontail?

    One of the main reasons I wear disposables is because that was what I was diapered with as a baby. Had I been diapered with Cloth, I would most likely be in love with those instead. But with that being said, I love diapers because of their purpose and using them, which are pleasures I could achieve from both.

    But either way, I'm sure I would still wear primarily disposables because of their lower maintenance even if I was raised in Cloth. I've always thought this was an interesting topic though.

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    I was raised in cloth, although I can't remember much of it. The only slight memory I have is that I got regular injections as a toddler in my rear part at a hospital, and on one ocassion I tried to escape in my nappies, but that's pretty blurry. As I grew up behind the Iron Curtain, the introduction of disposables was delayed and cloth were still the common way until 1990. Anyway, the time when I developed my DL side was already disposable time, and I had my nephews around in them. That may be the reason I go with both, often combining them putting a cloth and plastic pants over a disposable to add bulk and convenience.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud View Post
    Have you been in diapers your entire life, Cottontail?
    No, not quite--sloppy shorthand on my part. I was done with diapers sometime during age 3, and developed an interest in them sometime during age 6, so... diaperless for about 3 years. So yeah, basically my entire life.

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