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    Default Losing weight

    Hello every1 I have recently decided to start working mouth cuz I'm sick of being really fat. I'm near 6 ft and 260 lbs with a 40 waist. I have gotten a gym membership, and was wondering. If there r any tips to be given for losing weight?

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    Count your calories. I can't stress that enough.

    I always watched my fat, I worked out, but I ate way too many calories.

    Once I started counting and keeping it around 1800-2000, the weight started dropping off.

    Over a one year period, I lost about 60 pounds.

    Stick to drinking water, don't snack, up your protein and get some regular exercise.

    Before you know it, you'll be at your goal! ^_^

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    Diet: Eat small portions and often, the key is to keep the metabolism up. If you stay hungry for too long, the food you eat will go strait to your fat store as your body thinks it's hard to find food so it stores it away for the future. What you want is for that food to stay in the process of being metabolized into energy as much as possible. I aim for about 5 meals a day. The portion size is the tricky part. Keep it to one plate, or a bowl. You want to keep your calorie count on the down low. You can lose weight only eating twinkies if you count your calories right: proof. But to be practical, you need to nourish your body with good food to exercise. Fiber is a good filler, as it will run strait through you as your body doesn't need a lot of what its made of. Your best energy would come from fruits and vegetables. Try to eat a fruit before and after a workout to replenish short term energy. You will need good sources of protein to repair those muscles you're going to be abusing, stick to the lighter meats such as chicken, turkey, and fish. When it comes to bread, pasta, or rice go whole grain. The difference between the white and dark grains is the carbohydrates, white being simple and dark being complex. Complex carbs are much more better for your system. As far as fats go, by all means avoid trans fat and greasy food. Try to monitor your saturated fat intake like cheese and milk. If you can, try to find foods with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats as these are good fats that balance a healthy cholesterol. With that all said drink a good amount of water and avoid drinks with sugar. You'll find that dieting is really bland and not very flavorful but if you stick to it your appetite will adjust.

    Exercise: At first your body will hate you if you don't exercise often. This is normal and you just need to give yourself time to recover before doing it again. Recovery is important, eat good and get plenty of rest and you'll be ready to go again in a few days. When I go to the gym I like to start off on the treadmill. I'll jog for as long as I can push myself before heading to the weights. Cardio is great for burning calories and it will take some time for your leg muscles and lungs to adjust before you can really push yourself. Weight training is rather important in weight loss. Larger muscles need more energy to function, which in turn raises your metabolism. Try to work on a different set of muscles per workout day such as upper body, core, and legs. It also greatly benefits you to have a friend so you can lift weights that require someone to spot you and also comment on your form, not to mention some competition for extra motivation. As for motivation, you just gotta try not to think too much and get up and do it. Your results will become your best motivation as you will start to persevere on what you had to do get those results.

    Hope that helps, good luck.

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    I've never writen anything like this, and especially not spontaneously, but, here we go:

    I'm not an RD but i know a bit about nutrition and there's a few things you should be aware of. You do whatever you do at your own risk, this is not a medical diagnoses.

    Firstly, your body needs fats, You body needs proteins, and your body needs carbs. These are called macronutrients, and you need all of them. They're all used (in addition to a whole host of other nutrients) to do important things in your body, and simply cutting off one group or another does NOT do you any favors.

    The goal is to get you to lose weight at a healthy and steady rate.

    Of your macro-nutrients, Fat, carbs, and proteins, you need roughly the following percentages of "calories," for each.

    carbs: 45%-65%
    Protein: 10%-35%
    Fats: 20%-35%

    Carbohydrate: 4 'calories' per gram.
    Fat: 9 'calories' per gram.
    Protein: 4 'calories' per gram.

    (Also, alcohol is 7 'calories' per gram but i'd highly recommend against drinking any whilst trying to lose weight as it has no nutritional value and provides extra kcals)

    So if you have a food with 5 grams of protein, 2 grams of fat, and 8 grams of carbs:

    You have:

    32 'cals' for carbs.
    18 'cals' for fat.
    20 'cals' for protein.

    adds up to 70 cals total,

    (Rounding to the nearest hundredth)
    .46 % 'Cals' were from carbs
    .26 % 'Cals' were from fat
    .28 % 'cals' were from protein.

    Well within the right ranges. Obviously some foods will have much more fat in it than others. What you're aiming for is to get these percentages over the total of everything you eat in a day, or even over 3 days.

    The kinds of fats you get are important. Go for things with higher polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Saturated fats in moderation. Do not eat trans-fat. Poly and mono unsaturated fats are important for your body to function. saturated fats are pretty difficult to avoid and you can have some. Transfats you'll find in anything consumerism based like pop-tarts, doughnuts, etc. Unneeded and extremely counter productive.

    The kind of carbs you get should be worthwhile as well. If you're eating bread, i would personally stay away from all white bread, and anything called, "enriched," or, "fortified," bread. What you want to be eating is whole grain bread. Note: NOT multi grain. Multi grain bread is just parts of multiple kinds of grains. You want a bread that uses the entirety of the grain, not just the endosperm. It should say, "whole grain."

    Diagram of a Grain - Pressure Cooker Knowledge

    Proteins are important. They play their role. Do not overdo them. Many people attempt to lose weight by only getting calories from proteins. This starves your body of other needed nutrients. You will still lose weight, but in the same way you would loose weight from eating nothing at all. It's not a healthy way to do it, and studies have shown it to be only equally effective if not less to simply balancing out proper kcal intake from the various macro-nutrients.

    I would follow this:

    You want:

    carbs: 45%-65%
    Protein: 10%-35%
    Fats: 20%-35%

    for whatever calorie intake is right for you. For that, take your required, "maintenance 'calorie' intake," and reduce it by a few-hundred 'cals.' I personally would not reduce it by any more than by 500 less than maintenance.

    Use this to calculate the maintenance calorie per day intake. I would personally not use the extreme fat loss recommendation.

    Lastly, and this is the hardest, but very helpful if you want a dramatic change, anything with high fructose corn syrup? Stop drinking or eating it. Just not drinking that soda or eating that junk food with HFCS.

    This gets technical but it may be the most helpful video you ever watch.
    Sugar: The Bitter Truth - YouTube

    Last note: Counting kcals and percentages of macro nutrients is hard. Do it. You'll get it down soon, and you'll figure out how you should be eating without having to keep track over time.

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    You need to feel miserable.

    I'm going to make a guess: when you're hungry, do you eat? Yes? Change that. You still need to get daily values of calories and protein and some vitamins. But, the body doesn't need a ton of protein, and if you're short on calories, it'll make up the difference from fat. Feeling hungry doesn't mean you haven't had sufficient food. It means you haven't had the amount of food you're accustomed to getting (which is, apparently, too much). Two rules to live by:

    1. Hunger is fat leaving the body.
    2. Thin feels better than fat tastes.

    Also, if you aren't, start taking a multivitamin. While people will hem and haw over the benefits of multivitamins, this ensures you won't lose anything important when you trim your food intake back.

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    Avoid things like pop and fast food.
    Set a goal for working out, like doing so many sets of things. Always challenge yourself and always finish your workout even if you have to take breaks.

    Worked for me, but I am only 17.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wazzle View Post
    Avoid things like pop and fast food.
    This reminds me of another good point: look for opportunities for dietary replacement. I drink too much mountain dew. So, as a rule, I can't drink two cans of md in a row. Every other can has to be diet soda (coke, pepsi), or a glass of water. Cuts down on my non-diet soda consumption significantly. And water is a ton cheaper than soda.

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    Count calories.

    There are a thousand diet plans out there recommending that you cut X and they're all mostly baloney, because all that really matters is that you take in fewer calories than your body burns. The rule of thumb is 3500 calories = 1 lb of body weight gained or lost (with some caveats - quickly eating way too much or way too little both work disproportionately against you since your body will act to store way more than it can use and enter starvation mode if you eat way too little.). You can pretty much eat whatever you want, as long as it's within your calorie count, and you'll lose weight.

    Frankly, you could eat pizza, junk food, and fast food every day and lose weight fine if you count calories - but the problem with these foods is that they're calorie-dense relative to volume, and simple carbs are digested easier (they're not well-balanced either, but that doesn't much matter for weight loss). You'll feel far less "full" relative to the amount of calories you're eating with junk food. Fruits and especially veggies, by contrast, which have lots of undigestable volume in things like cellulose which take more energy for the body to handle, will fill you more relative to calories derived. IIRC celery actually takes more calories to digest than you gain from it - but it still fills you when you eat a bunch of it.

    Exercise, and it doesn't have to be a ton or particularly hard. It increases your calorie burn so that you have precious room to actually eat that chocolate bar or have a few drinks with friends. It does other stuff too, but that other stuff is more boring.

    Basically, you need to make sure you're doing more than walking from your desk to your car to your work desk to your car to your desk. Get an hour of walking in a day by walking more places, or start jogging 30 minutes (you can take walking breaks as needed as long as you get to 30 minutes of jogging time total), or play sports with friends several days a week. Now, if you're willing to do a lot more exercise, then go for it, as there are lots of other health benefits, but you don't absolutely need to do a lot.

    Your body will acclimate itself to fewer calories after you start cutting, such that it'll take less to fill you up satisfactorily. Exercise starts tough but gets easier as you do more sessions. The initial suffering largely disappears once your body starts adjusting.

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    Most of the time when your stomach is telling you it is hungry, it's usually your brain telling you that you are thirsty. Drink a lot of water. Another factor, water helps curb your appitite. <-- I can't spell tonight~

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    Ok. If I were you, and since you are hear asking for advice Im guessing your a novice to this- This is going to sound like I am a salesman or something- but get p90x.

    It comes with a diet plan and with the workouts and diets you WILL lose the weight, its all there planned out for you and you will get in great shape. Since you say your fat, im guessing you are not too familar with a gym, or a whole lot of different moves and what works you best.

    I have friends that have done it, I have done the workouts, and they are good regaurdless of any fitness level, and if they are too hard you can adapt them to make them fit to you.

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