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Thread: Hi I just joined.

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    Default Hi I just joined.

    I was a bedwetter as a child. When I was 12 my grandmother got me "rubber pants" and then diapers to wear at night while I stayed at her house. I wound up having to wear them intermittently most of the way through high school. I was seriously ashamed! I suspect others of you had the same sort of thing happen. I am interested in hearing your stories.

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    Hi and welcome to adisc. I wasn't a bed wetter, but wished I was, as I would have loved to have worn diapers. But of course, being a kid, I probably would have been embarrassed.

    Since you are here on this wonderful site, what else do you enjoy doing. Like you, I'm in my 60s, being 64. I'm a professional musician and an educator. Besides music, I enjoy reading and I write, having a story published on Nook Book. In the summer I enjoy riding my bike on our bike trail.

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    I am also 62 and enjoy wearing diapers when going to bed. I have had this fetish since I was 4 years old. It is really a wonderful feel good sensation and enjoy every moment of it. I have a normal life, happily married with children and grand children and retired at 50. I am also new to this site. Welcome aboard.

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    Hia, Welcome, Do you like any other interest's Tell us about your, Favorite Music, Game's, Hobbies

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