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Thread: What are cloth diapers?

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    Default What are cloth diapers?

    Seriously I honestly don't know. I've never seen them in person. I've seen them online though. They are a mystery that have eluded me. How do they handle 1 & 2? They are reusable right? Can someone please explain them to me?!

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    Basically you pin it on, put on plastic pants, use it and then wash it. And then repeat. I'm not the best person to explain it, there are people with far better knowledge of cloth than me, who can give you a much better insight.

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    Well, mine look like this. It has Velcro on the wings which secure into place on the front. This is a fairly common style, as is the traditional safety pin type.

    They can handle #1 and #2 since, as Supersam1223 astutely put it, you wear some sort of plastic pant over it. Mine look like this. They have a print on the outside and a leap-proof material lining the inside. The older ones are simply one solid color, typically a white or off-white.

    Both elements are reusable. In fact, cloth diapers get more absorbent as time goes on via multiple washings which break up the material, making it softer and fluffier. Basically, when you're 'done', get what you can into the toilet (highly recommended if #2 was involved), rinse and then wash.

    I don't go cloth all the time, but I find I actually regress even deeper in them as opposed to when I wear disposables. They simply feel...more babyish to me.^^

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    Cloth diapers are not a specific thing. They include any kind of clothing which is worn around the waist area, intending to absorb bodily waiste and which is reusable (there are likely better deifitions out there, but this works for now). For functionality some kind of waterproof lining is usually used (plastic pants) but that is not a requirement. Fancy cloth diapers may be shaped to easily fit around the body, but just a towel is good enough too. Some have absrobant material and waterproof linings (called AIO: all in one) others just one or the other. Some are like pull ups with waistbands and can be pulled on and off like underwear, others need safety pins or have velcro, snapes, buttons etc. to hold the diaper on.

    Stuff a towel in your pants and you are wearing a cloth diaper. It will need something waterproof to not leak, but it is a cloth diaper none the less. If you buy cloth diapers they will likely be more absorbant than a bath towel but that is not for sure. They hold wet just like a towel does (rubs against your skin and is not pleasant) unless there is a liner and then it all depends on the liner. Mess is the same; some gets absorbed into the cloth, but it usually rubs against the skin. Not fun to clean, not comfortable to wear (when used anyways), usually thicker than underwear or disposable diapers, and most are softer than disposable diapers but again depends on what your wearing.

    In the comercial industry of cloth diapers you will find most companies advertising their product such as AIO, pull on, fitted (shaped to easily fit on the body) etc. and they will often have a sewn in pad which absorbes so much. They usually also sell stuffers which are just rectangular strips of material to put into the diaper for more absorbancy. Different materials will absorbe different abounts and will be different thicknesses.

    If a person is intending to use cloth diapers, they will need to decide what works for their specific needs (an expensive and messy process). Most use different products for day and night use, and potty training usually happens much earlier when parents use cloth because cloth diapers not not fun to wear when used. For beginers especially, it can be overwhelming and therefore beneficial to use a diaper service; a company which takes the used diapers, washes them, and returns them nice and clean. These companies also tend to give good advise for how to manage cloth diapering. Different companies have different policies such as if you need to buy your own diapers and plastic pants etc or can rent theirs. Otherwise cloth diapers need to be washed at home which is not fun.

    Many people that use cloth diapers, will use disposables for trips and public outings so they don't have to deal with messy diapers in their diaper bags. If they are super commited, the use of wet bags is a very good idea. Wet bags are waterproof bags which hold the used cloth diapers until they can be brought home and put in still other waterproof containers and waite to be washed. Before washing diapers, it is advisable to empty any mess into the tiolet so as not to overburden the washing mashine. Lazy parents will often leave messed cloth diapers in the toilet until such a time as is convinient or necisary to take them out and put them in the washer or a designated container.

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    In the beginning, God made cloth diapers, and He was pleased. Then he needed someone to enjoy them, so he made Adam and Eve. But he also made the serpent, and the serpent got Eve's attention, whispering into her ear saying, "Behold the tree of disposable diapers! Wouldn't you like those? You wouldn't have to wash Adams poopie blowouts." Eve thought, "Yes, less work," and she took the disposables from the diaper tree of life, which of course was forbidden. Ever since, the world has worn disposables, living in sin, but cloth still exists for those who will be raptured.

    Disposables have been around since the 40's I think, but they didn't catch on until the sixties. However, they are expensive, and for years, many parents chose cloth to save on the expense. Eventually, almost everyone used disposables, but because many of us older members grew up, both wearing cloth, and seeing our younger siblings, cousins and neighbors in cloth, we identify with cloth, and thus use it.

    There are three types: Birdseye, Gauze and Flannel. Birdseye is the best, but I find it a little stiff because of the tighter weave. I wear gauze which is very absorbent and very soft. I wear the night weight which is very thick and holds a lot. Of course, I have to wear plastic pants, but I grew up with them as well. In my story "Coffee Stop", on this site, I mention these. That story pretty well explains how they feel and the emotional draw they possess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    "Behold the tree of disposable diapers! Wouldn't you like those? You wouldn't have to wash Adams poopie blowouts."
    OH man. Why you do this dogboy.

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    A thread with a number of good posts on the cloth/disposable divide is here:

    (Well, we're discussing a way of life that involves regression on some dimension, whether just continuing to/returning to wearing diapers or AB/TB, whether doing so by choice or by unavoidable circumstance. So, no, nothing is new under the sun.)

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