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Thread: What should I do?

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    Question What should I do?

    So I slept through when my class would have been today. Now at the time of the last class I was actually not feeling well and couldn't connect to the website to email my teacher so I had a friend in the class tell her why I wasn't there. But today I wanted to go to school, set my alarm to go to school and even had my boyfriend call me a ton of times at the last possible minute to wake up. The button on my alarm clock is still up which means I didn't turn it off in my sleep, so it was ringing for about an hour in addition the 10 calls from my boyfriend. I slept through all of this.

    My question is what should I do? Should I tell the teacher that I still wasn't feeling well or should I fess up to having slept in waaaaay past when I should have been up?

    PS we didn't have any homework due today so all I missed was a kickass lecture

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    This is what I do...

    Have a phone number for the school/your teacher on your phone and keep your mobile near you so you can ring them to say if you'll be late/absent in the mornings.
    Set 2 alarm clocks - one to go off at say 7am and another to go off half hour later - my 2nd alarm has a snooze button, unless I turn it off it goes off then beeps every 10 minutes there after.
    Keep your alarm clock away from your bed so that you have to get up and turn the thing off.
    Have somebody knock on your bedroom door to check you're awake in the mornings.
    Go to bed at a reasonable time and get plenty of sleep so you wake up earlier more naturally.

    Telling the truth is probably the best thing to do but sometimes a little lie doesn't hurt - personally I'd say I still wasn't feeling well and that I consequently over slept. Be apologetic, and try not to let it happen again of course.

    I don't know if this would work for you, but here's something else that I find helps me to get up in the mornings...

    I've got excellent bladder control so sometimes I drink some water just before bed, the feeling of desperation in the mornings has me out of bed almost as quick as the promise of a bacon sandwich cooked for me in the mornings.

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    Thanks yeah, I need more alarms I used to have two but my second one is malfunctioning
    I'd love to have the bedroom door knock, but unless I want to get up and 6am for a 12:30 class that can't happen (both my parents leave for work early early)
    I do try and get to sleep but I have sleep issues that often won't let me fall asleep for hours even just laying there trying to go to sleep.

    Huh, never thought about doing that before, that's a good idea! I have really good bladder control too so I think I'll try that, thanks

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    I want to find that inventor and give him a high-five.

    Screw that, ALL of the high-fives EVER!!

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    Bit late, but usually if I miss class, I rarely tell the professor. 99% of the time, I've found most really don't care unless it was something like having to go to a doctor whatever. Now I will tell them if it is going to be for an extended time, but that is about it. Granted I don't really get sick (nor do I see doctors when I do, usually have to be dragged to them) so don't really have much to tell them anyways

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