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Thread: Buying diapers in Ireland

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    Im moving to Ireland and would like to know if anyone knows where to buy adult diapers e.g. Tena or Molicare. Do the pharmacies stock them or the supermarkets? I would not be able to order online, just to buy now and again.
    Thanks, hope everyone's well

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    hey dude they sell them in medical retail store over here. the brand i know of u can buy are tena and molicare, absorin and attends pull ups
    you can get molicare from murrays medical on talbot street dublin 1
    you can get tena from o haras kevin street dublin 8
    attends pull ups you can buy from any boots store and u can also get tena discrete from boots. hope this help pm if u need directions or any help

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    In my experience unless your moving to Dublin you will have more difficulty in finding those brands anywhere unless you go to a few pharmacies and ask if they can special order for you. My local Boots and those around me in nearby cities do not carry much at all aside from store brands that are terrible. You can order online still of course but shipping from UK is usually expensive IF they ship to Ireland at all. Currently I use HSE provided Euron Form Super Plus which are not as think as molicare but do come close with absorbency. You can order them from (not an advert for them) I have ordered from them in the past and they are pretty good with cheap shipping inside Ireland. However... as stated in the previous post if you are moving to Dublin then you do have options for the premium brands you like. Hope you enjoy Ireland.

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