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Thread: i tried cushies

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    Default i tried cushies

    i like them they are cool

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    Tell us more please!
    How do they fit & feel?
    Absorbency & dryness?
    What do you normally wear, & what is better/different with the Cushies?

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    I can hardly wait until I can order some cushies and have some more money in the bank. I want to order some more Bambino diapers with the baby prints on them.

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    I've been very happy with the Cushies so far. Glad to hear I'm not the only one.

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    The cushies are really a fun diaper that will add to your collection and will add variety. Just be sure they are not taped too tight or they will split in the back when you sit down.

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    I never tried the Cushies, although I have always been a huge fan of the Super Dry Kids. If they are anything like those, I bet they are pretty cool!

    Quote Originally Posted by chris09 View Post
    I want to order some more Bambino diapers with the baby prints on them.
    Good thinking! I have become a convert. The Bellissimos are my new all-time favorite! ^^ Adorable and very absorbent!

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    I too like the ABU Cushies. I bought a pack of 10 a couple months ago and down to my last two. I probably wouldn't trust them for heavy use but as a fun daytime diaper they'd work just fine and able to handle 2-3 good wettings but anymore than that I'd go with the Bambinos.

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    I love Cushies but just like Onecho the Superdry Kids are my favorites as well.
    They really aren't that absorbent but a few diaper doublers quickly addresses that problem.
    I like to use the diaper doublers from select kids. They sell them at Babies R US for like $3 for a package of 30

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