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Thread: WoooT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default WoooT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i got to do this quick but i just wanted ot say that im wearing goodnites at school today,there quite confy ^_^,g2g now its lunch break.

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    See... it's not so bad.

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    Well, I hope everything goes good for you. I'm sure its quite an experience even though they are really thin. I never had the guts to do that.

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    connor wat do you think and i roller blade to schoole then when to the skate park and noe as im typing this am at the library.

    but i have taken them off already, and it wasn't as thin as you think, i doubled up which made it abit thick.

    it was quite confy well roller blading dry and wet lol.

    the resean why i was able to wear goodnites today is cuz i convinced my mom to sleep in and ill get up by my mom always wakes up befor em of course but this tiem she went back to bed.

    i put some vaselin on the parts the inbetween my legs where the leak gaurds rub and are abit tight and it worked great.

    i was having more fun thinking of it then being excited,chilling with my friends who have no clue what so ever lol, i wet around the time that school was ending when i was putting on my roller blades and talking to my small engine machanic teacher,i was actuly giggle alittle.

    the teacher asked wat i was gigglign about and i just told him it was a joke that i was thinking about.

    in closing my day was great, im just hanging at the library with my skate boarding friend, not padded.

    P.S. i try now to wear my diapers (goodnites in this case) when im out so that its easier to despose of.

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    I want to wear my goodnites or pampers to school, but I just don't think I'll be able to hide them.

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    baggy pants with a belt, tighten the belt just above the waist line of the diaper/goodnite and their ya go

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    Quote Originally Posted by garnetandblack2107 View Post
    I want to wear my goodnites or pampers to school, but I just don't think I'll be able to hide them.

    I wore two Depends to class today...You'll be fine with a Goodnite or Pamper

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    Cool... I get pretty scared when it comes to wearing around people. I have a severe blushing problem, and a sh17 load of paranoia! I do well on my own...

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    I know im posting this at 2:19 am but i just wanted to say that my day ended well after me and my friend left the library we went freestyle street skating at the mall across the from the library(he was using a skate board and i was using inlines) it was fun we found a wooden plank so we took it home and hid so we can use it to land on when we got a pactch of grss of a gap we want to do.

    we got home we skated aroudn for abit and then we went in when i got in my house my feet my back my legs where killing me, thats because wearing roller blades for 4 straight hours do to you lol.

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