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Thread: Here comes Hurricane Ike...

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    Default Here comes Hurricane Ike...

    Well, it looks like Galveston/Houston is finally going to take one for the team... I really didn't think it was going to hit us, but at this point it looks like it will. My part will be on the dirty side. I'm not evacuating though, its too late to do so anyway. There are 4 million people on the road, so I'm not even attempting that. All I'm going to do is board up my windows and clean out the storage room behind my house that could potentially blow away, and ride out the storm. I have the next days off to prepare for it, so that's cool.

    I'll try to get awesome footage of the storm as it passes through here, if my neighbor will let me borrow his camcorder, and post it on here when its all over. Let you non-coastal people see what the power of a hurricane is like. The worst part of hurricanes, are the tornadoes that come with them. I'm a bit concerned about that, but if one does come our way, I happen to have a large bridge beside my house that I can hunker down in, so I think I will be fine. So, if I'm still alive come Sunday morning, I'll tell you how it was and hopeful have some kick ass footage of flying debris, and possibly a tornado if things get bad...

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    wewt ill be riding out the storm as well...we shall board up our house by tomorrow morning

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    Oh yeah! I'm in it too. I'm on the southwest side O Houston so I may also get part of the dirty side.TWC said we may get like 70 mph winds here! I'm not boarding up, just chillin'. I dont have a camera though...

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    i love only the Texans have had input

    LYKE ZOMG we went to the store today to gets stuff it is so crazy >.<

    apparently Fiesta has no one in there like its full but not like a H-E-B or anything its wewt i have my video camera ill try to get video so uhh yeahhh

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    Hopefully the storm won't be too bad once it reaches the DFW area, but it's really the tornadoes that worry me most. Ah well, once you live in Texas for a while you get used to things like this.

    They say if you don't like the weather in Texas, wait a minute. It'll change. Good luck with your preparations, and with riding out the storm.

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    Yep. I'm watching Frank Billingsley on KPRC Local 2 (channel 12 NBC for Houston) to see whats goin on. Hopefully my house won't blow down, but my school will!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valentine View Post
    Stay safe down there. Remember no surfing, and no kite flying.
    are you kidding surfing is the best right now perfect time!!!!

    do down to surfside rawrr AMAZING!! i dont surf myself but crazy my brother that I've seen twice on the news when they do the live reports at the beach

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    Everyone here down Texas way, please don't take any unnecessary chances with this storm. Stay safe above all!


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    For the love of god, I hope Archie Bell and the Drells stay safe. At least, take their advice and Tighten Up.

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