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    Default Tena Slip?

    Hey guys, which would you recommend? I am buying some Tena Slips but there is 3 different types.


    Are they just different absorbancy?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy View Post
    Are they just different absorbancy?
    You got it, buddy.

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    They come in different sizes and different absorbencies. I only use the maxi but don't think there is any real difference between the grades other than absorbency and capacity.

    For me the super are no use at night as they leak but the maxi's hold a lot and leak very little.

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    Thanks guys, might just go for the Super. Worried the Maxi will be too bulky, going to struggle to hide like 5 of them, let alone 25 ish!

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    I'd say maxi, they aren't that much thicker than supers. But with supers you get more in a pack and to be honest I didn't know much of a difference.

    Can't go wrong with either really.

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    The Tena Slip Maxi is my favorite diaper. The extra padding is great and can not really be seen unless you are looking specifically for it. The maxi is not easy to obtain in the USA. I usually fill an extra suitcase full of these on my returns from London.
    I would go for the Maxi.

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    Go for the Maxi, it's one of my all time favorite diapers, it's not as thick as some of the other "premium" diapers out there but still holds a whole lot. To me it's the go-to diaper when I want to be discreet without sacrificing absorbency. You can't go wrong with the Maxi, plus they're very comfortable.

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    I'd get the maxi Tommy, they arn't too bulky so wouldn't worry about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy View Post
    Thanks guys, might just go for the Super. Worried the Maxi will be too bulky, going to struggle to hide like 5 of them, let alone 25 ish!
    This may be off topic, but as iv'e not really researched but know, People in england normally move out of the parents at age 16, as iv'e seen many of my friend's move out at that age, not that it's any of my business to judge, or discriminate over such, in which i'm not but why hide? you live with a room mate or something? I'm just a bit curious x) sorry.

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    Just on a point of interest, the Tena Slip Maxi available in Australia are actually thicker than what you get in the UK. Something I noticed in my travels. The UK ones are made in Sweden (or elsewhere in Scandinavia) whilst the Aussie ones are made in Malaysia.

    Down Under, the mediums only come in packs of 8, and if memory serves me right they are at least half a centimetre thicker when unfolded. Side-by-side, two packs of these Australian ones are about as wide as a single pack of UK ones. Seriously comparable to an Abena M4, or a Bambino even. I also found the outer plastic on the Australian ones to be much more silkier to the touch, the diaper itself a lot softer and a bit 'puffier', probably due to the extra cushioning. The wetness indicators are slightly different too, IIRC.

    Other than that, they are the same. Same tapes, landing strip, design and sizing. Both have that special mesh lining on the inside. And, of course, one of the best diapers around.

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