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Thread: Diapered 24/7 vs. Padded 24/7

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    Default Diapered 24/7 vs. Padded 24/7

    I have had my stints in 24/7 protection, but with a little twist.

    I love wearing diapers as much as possible, but often times it isn't possible to do so without being found out. So I have found a solution that works for me.

    Here's the situation: I work construction and if I wear a diaper during the day it wouldn't take long to get found out. Secondly, I play a lot of hockey and change in a locker room with other guys, so that's no good. Lastly, I have two young children, one that we are potty training right now and having them see daddy in a diaper wouldn't help the training to say the least, not to mention other possible implications.

    So, my solution is to stay "padded" 24/7. I typically wear a diaper at night, but in the morning I have to get my kids up and going and to the daycare and then I'm off to work. So when I get up, I change out of my diaper and pull up my tighty whities and add one of several things as a stuffer. I choose from these options:

    1. a baby diaper
    2. a depends "guards"
    3. a Maxi pad

    Most often, I wear a maxi pad. I know many guys would NEVER wear one and I can understand the reasons why. But, I would argue that if you step back and look at a maxi pad based on what it is made out of, they are made out of the same materials as a diaper and are convenient and easily concealable to use. When was the last time you noticed a girl was wearing one?

    What I do, is when I need to pee I just go the the urinal and let just a little pee out in my pad and the rest goes in the urinal. I also wear it way up front in my underwear. This still gives me the excitement I desire and is even heightened by the fact that I can do so in most bathrooms even if I'm not alone. Although, urinal dividers are important. And you might want to make sure the guy next to you isn't an NBA player with a birds eye view!

    Another excitement for me and maxi pads, is there are tons of options, I have found trying different styles and sizes out to be quite a thrill. I have a nice collection to say the least. Luckily for me I have a supportive wife that will buy them for me and she doesn't even get embarrassed ( I wonder why, Ha)

    The baby diapers are good for a decent wetting, but leaks will happen, so I have to be careful. and they are still rather bulky, so I only use them if I'm working mostly solo.

    The Depends Guards leak easily also, but actually hold a decent amount. the problem with those though is that it looks like you've got quite a unit down there when its full. I suppose that could be viewed as a good thing by some, but not me.

    Anyway, this is how I achieve 24/7. I wonder if anyone else does the same thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yummy
    I wear a maxi pad. I know many guys would NEVER wear one
    *raises hand* err, I wear them... *lowers hand*

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    Something that might work better than a Maxi Pad would be a Poise Pad. My grandma uses those for her IC. Hopefully that helps?

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    Something that works for me is the booster pad. It is a flow through and you can add as many as needed. Your combination for extra duty looks good.

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    There are other fetishes besides diapers and maxi-pads is one I know all too well.

    Slips quietly away...

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    I've worn baby diapers in my underwear...(blushes). You are not alone.

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    I too have worn baby diapers in my underwear. Never maxi pads though. I don't think I could ever get into that.

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    I too am always padded even when a full nappy is not suitable or possible. I guess when you say a maxi pad, you mean a maxi sanitary pad. I sometimes wear them but more usually it is a Tena maxi night incontinence pad. I find that satisfies my enjoyment of feeling padded. It is also a nice feeling that you have to control the flow and just let it dribble out. I must however admit to having the occasional accident when I wet just too much!

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    I got into wearing maxi pads before I started wearing diapers, and I still love wearing them. I love the thicker Overnight pads, I miss the Stayfeee Super Longs, and their Silhouette shaped maxis from the 80's. And yes, I wear them with panties!

    I love not only the padded feel, but also the femininity of them.

    These days I tend to prefer Poise and Tena pads, the bigger the better, although they are kind of bulky to wear out. Honestly, the tena underwear or poise panties are more discreet for a guy.

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