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    Okay i know i'll receive some criticism for this, but i actually enjoy my disposable diapers with the fake cloth cover. i don't really know y, but i enjoy that cloth feeling on the outside with a plastic crinkle underneath. I guess it might be because i grew up during the shift to the cloth covering but i'm not sure. i would try cloth diapers all together, but i don't like the mess sometimes, so disposables are my thing.

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    I'm starting actual like cloth cover too and grew up with plastic back but one good thing about new design taps stay where you put them what very good thing so no loose fit with so much movement. Then got good think about the tapes no ripping the diaper itself if need readjust the disposable diaper so that good thing too.

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    I don't see why you would be criticized for what you like best. For people who care more about the practical side, the plastic outer shell diapers seem to perform a little better (no weeping), fewer reports of chafing and the tabs don't seem to hold as well long term, leading to more sagging. On the other hand, they're quieter, which can be good or bad depending on how one feels about it. For those who like to wear plastic pants over their disposables, there's no tendency for trapped heat to make the tapes come loose as with plastic and as mentioned, they tend to be easier to reposition.

    My interest in diapers isn't very practical to start with and I have very low enjoyment of ones with cloth covers. I can't imagine why you'd like those better but I'll certainly defend your right to say so

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    Actually I don't mind the change very much. I can understand that the plastic feel of a diaper is part of the fun (well, it is with me anyway), but if I wear diapers, I always use plastic pants (as a safe-guard and because, to me, plastic pants and diapers should be worn together (as a kid I wore cloth diapers)).

    So even if I wear a fakecloth disposable, this is masked by the plastic pant....


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